Toilet Paper Roll Witch

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Are you looking for a fun and spooktacular craft project to get into the Halloween spirit? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to transform an ordinary toilet paper roll into an adorable and bewitching toilet paper roll witch. This craft is not only budget-friendly but also a fantastic way to get creative with your kids or add a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decor. So, grab your crafting supplies, and let’s conjure up some toilet paper roll witches!

Toilet Paper Roll Witch

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One of the great things about this toilet paper witch craft is how adaptable it is! Feel free to make this adorable little witch your own by using materials that you have at home from your craft box. For example, yarn, string, or even scrunched-up tissue paper would work well for the hair. Swap out the felt clothing for black paper and use ribbon to decorate around the witch hat. You could even opt to paint the toilet paper roll instead of wrapping it with paper. The options are endless!

Materials Needed

  1. Empty toilet paper roll
  2. Green paper (or other color for face)
  3. Black cardstock
  4. Unicorn hair or other hair alternative
  5. Black felt
  6. Googly eyes
  7. Washi tape or another craft item to decorate the witch hat
  8. Scissors
  9. Stapler
  10. Glue
  11. Black marker/ Sharpie
  12. Stars or other craft supplies for extra decoration

Let’s Get Creative

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under, Materials Needed. Don’t forget that if you are missing some of the above materials you can still make your witch by using alternative products.

The Base

Take the toilet paper roll, scissors, and green paper. Place the toilet paper roll on top of the green paper and fold the end over so there is enough green paper that it can wrap entirely around the toilet paper roll. Cut out this length of green paper. Using glue or a stapler attach the paper to cover the toilet paper roll.

To make the clothing we use a similar technique to the paper base but cut a length of black felt. Before stapling make sure you are happy with how it looks and that you have the join of paper at the back of your witch. Fold the felt in half lengthwise and wrap around the bottom of the toilet paper roll.


Attach the hair using the technique that best suits the material that you are using. We stapled on our Unicorn Hair, if you opt for this method make sure that your staples are close to the top of the toilet paper roll so they are not noticeable. Glue would be a good option for yarn, paper, or tissue paper.


To make the hat cut out a black circle that is a little larger than the toilet paper roll from the black cardstock. Next cut out a strip of black paper and twist it in on itself to form a cone shape and staple or hot glue gun it together. Fold the odd bottom of the cone to create a flat bottom, you may need to cut small snips to make it easier to fold. Use glue to stick the hat together. Decorate the base of the hat with washi tape by breaking off small sections of tape and sticking it onto the hat until you are happy with how it looks.

Now use plenty of glue to stick the hat onto the hair of the toilet paper roll witch.

Face and Decorate

Glue on the googly eyes (check as some googly eyes come with a sticky back). Draw on a nose and mouth. Add on any extra details you like such as stars on the clothing or hat.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this Toilet Paper Witch craft today!

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