Super Cool Homemade Diy Air Conditioner

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Feeling the heat? Then it is time to make a super cool homemade diy air conditioner! This video shows how simple it is to make a non-compressor based 5-gallon bucket air conditioner.

All you need is a bucket, styrofoam liner, PVC c pipe, small fan, and ice. Add on a solar panel to save electricity costs. That means you can have this amazing homemade air conditioner running without worrying about adding to your electricity bill!

One frozen gallon jug of water lasted 6 hours which will see you through the worst of the day’s heat. This diy air conditioner managed to cool the temperature in the house from 84F to the mid 40F range!

We love the simplicity of the design and build. There really is no reason to put up with the heat now you can build this homemade diy air conditioner. Watch the video below to find out just how easy it is to build.

Super Cool Homemade Diy Air Conditioner

Head over to Desertsun02 youtube page to see other cool diy air conditioners and other great videos.

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