6 Super Easy No-Sew Barbie Clothes

If you are have limited time or sewing ability then these 6 super easy no-sew barbie clothes are for you! Our girls LOVE barbie dolls! Ever since Granny gave our eldest her first Barbie there has been a bit of a Barbie obsession in our house. The undressing and redressing keep the girls occupied for quite some time the only problem is our lack of extra clothes. There is no need to worry anymore about poor Barbie and her limited wardrobe with these 6 super easy no-sew Barbie clothes!

6 Super Easy No-Sew Barbie Clothes

No Sew Barbie Clothes

1. No Sew Barbie Skirt And Top

Wow, check out this video to find out how to make an outfit which requires no sewing!

2. No-Sew Dress

Another no-sew Barbie outfit! Using the same circle technique from the above skirt but transforming it into a dress with a tie. This will be one popular Barbie dress!

3. No-Sew Swimsuit

No Barbie is complete without a range of swimsuits and thankfully they are super easy to make with these no-sew swimsuit directions.

4. Hair Tie Skirt

These super cute skirts are made by tying wool or ribbons onto a hair tie, such a simple idea! Click here to find out more. 

5. Sock Dress

Put all of your odd socks to good use by turning them into Barbie clothes!  Follow this link to find out how to make a sock dress. 

6. Tights And Washi Tape Barbie Clothes

The skirt is made from the stockings and stuck onto Barbie with washi tape which means that it is a somewhat one-time outfit but very fun for kids to make themselves. Click here to find out more. 


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    i love barbies

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    barbie doll! I love them

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