Upcycled CD & Yarn Dreamcatcher Craft

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Chances are you have an old CD or DVD somewhere in your home that never gets played. This upcycled CD & yarn dreamcatcher craft puts to good use those old CDs and scraps of yarn.

Dreamcatchers are hung to protect children while they sleep. Good dreams pass through and gently slide down to comfort the sleeper below. Bad dreams, however, are caught up in its protective net and destroyed, burned up in the light of day.

If you are after a more traditional style of dreamcatcher then be sure to check out our article, 5 DIY Dreamcatchers to find a tutorial that suits you. This dreamcatcher is a fun project that kids will love. I did this with my girls who are 5 and 7, they both really enjoyed it and could do this activity with minimal help.

Looking for a special gift for a friend? This dreamcatcher crafting kit could be just the thing! Alternatively, why not make them their own special upcycled CD & yarn dreamcatcher!

Upcycled CD & Yarn Dreamcatcher Craft

upcycled CD & yarn dreamcatcher

You Will Need

How To Make Your Upcycled CD & Yarn Dreamcatcher

How to make a dreamcatcher from yarn and a CD

Firstly you need to set up your CD for weaving. Wrap a piece of yarn around a CD to create a similar star shape as in the above photo. Tie it and make the gaps even. For younger children use less weaving lines as this will be less complicated.

Dreamcatcher made from a CD

Start weaving! Cut a length of yarn and wrap one under, one above. Keep going until you run out of yarn or have the desired quantity on your dreamcatcher. Tension is key here, you want it tight but you also want each row to sit nicely to each other. Repeat with a new color of yarn. Thicker yarn will be easier and much quicker to complete. I had planned on sticking little gem stickers onto the unwoven part of the CD however a group decision was made not to use them (surprising as they hardly ever pass up stickers or sparkles)!

Dreamcatcher craft

Add the yarn for the beaded dreamcatcher tails and hanger as in the example photo above. Use a thin yarn for this or make sure you have beads with really large holes! Miss 5 used a thread that came in her beading kit which worked really well for her. Miss 7 and I went through our beads hunting for any that would fit on our yarn. We were all happy with our beaded creations.

If you are wanting to hang your dreamcatcher from a window consider weaving both sides of the CD. Our dreamcatchers are sitting proudly on the wall above each of our beds. Fingers crossed for fantastic sleep from here out!

upcycled dreamcatcher craft

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