10 Wild Weather Crafts & Activities

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We have been having some pretty wild weather lately. Today it has gone from sunshine to rainbows to a massive thunderstorm so I have been thinking about crafts which can relate to this weather. These 10 wild weather crafts & activities are great for young children who are fascinated about weather.

1. Weather Mobile


Cover all of the weather types on this funky mobile. Fun to make and great to get kids talking about the weather. Click here for the full tutorial.

2. Tornado In A Jar



This is one fun tornado activity kids will love! Over on Home Schooling Blog you will find the instructions as well as a very informative video about how tornados are formed.

3. My Weather Station


Children of all ages will love adjusting this weather station to suit the current weather. Get your free printable and instructions from Mr Printables.

4. Thunder Cuffs


These thunder cuffs are really cool and kids will love pretending to be a superhero once they are made. Find out more here.

5. Tornado In A Bottle


Another tornado activity because, lets face it, tornado’s are pretty amazing! This science experiment is certain to impress young children. Click here for the full tutorial.

6. Rainy Day Umbrella Craft


This umbrella craft is the perfect activity to do on a rainy day. Made with shaving creams and swirled colors, children will love making this craft. Find out more here.

7.Shake Up A Hurricane


All you need is a jar, soap, water and coloring to make this fun shake up a hurricane. It is super cool! Click here for the full tutorial.

8. Rain Cloud Paper Tube Craft


I love how happy the rain cloud and sun is looking. Sure to bring a smile even on the most miserable of days. Find out more over at Hello Wonderful.

9. Puffy Paint Thunderstorm Collage


Paint doesn’t get more fun than puffy paint and it is the perfect paint to paint puffy clouds with! Click here to read more about this fun craft.

10. How To Make A Thunderstorm


Deceptively Educational is the place to visit if you are wanting to explain how thunderstorms are formed in a fun way that children can understand. Lightening, thunder and rain are all covered using exciting experiments.





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