12 Diy Butterfly Arts & Crafts

The butterfly is a popular choice for kids art and craft projects and it is easy to see why. They are simple to draw and easy to make beautiful using all sorts of different colors. Today we have found the best 12 diy butterfly arts & crafts around. These art and craft projects are sure to keep kids busy!

12 Diy Butterfly Arts & Crafts

1. Black Glue Butterfly

Make your own black glue by mixing together glue and black paint. Draw the outline of a butterfly onto paper with the black glue and after it has dried paint with watercolor paints. Read the full tutorial here.

2. Washi Tape Butterfly Craft

These adorable butterflies are decorated using washi tape. Beautiful and satisfying to make. Click here to read the full tutorial. 

3. Tissue Paper Butterflies

Sweet and easy to make, these tissue paper butterflies promise plenty of smiles. Click here to read the full tutorial. 

4. Sponge Print Butterflies

Get out the paints and a sponge and create some of these fun sponge print butterflies! Follow this link to find out more. 

5. Cupcake Liner Butterflies

Making your own butterfly doesn’t get much simpler than making them with a cupcake liner and clothespin. Follow this link to find out more.

6. Felt Butterfly Wings

Making felt wings is a great project that kids can help with. These are great for Halloween, dressing up and dancing with. Mix it up with different colors or stick to the monarch butterfly that Buggy And Buddy created here.

7. Butterfly Suncatcher

This beautiful butterfly suncatcher is a great art and craft project for older children or for younger kids with some help from an adult. Find out how to make one here. 

8. Origami Butterflies

These beautiful origami butterflies are attached to a wire which makes them perfect to add in floral arrangements and to use them as decorations. Read more about origami butterflies here. 

9. Button Cupcake Liner Butterfly

A button makes all crafts look extra special. Fold and twist wings together with a pipe cleaner before attaching a button body. Click here to read the full tutorial. 

10. Pipe Cleaner Bead Butterfly

It’s amazing what you can make using just pipe cleaners and beads! Read more about this project here. 

11. Paper Plate Butterfly

Cut a butterfly out of a paper plate then paint with your favorite paints. This is a fun arts & craft project for all ages. Click here to read the full tutorial. 

12. Egg Carton Butterfly Garland

Put that egg carton to good use with this butterfly garland. To find out how to make it click here. 



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