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4 Clutter-free Gift Ideas for Kids

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It’s a given that children’s birthdays are just as much messy as they are fun. And for parents that try to keep their home clutter-free throughout the rest of the year, buying gifts that don’t add to the rubbish pile is important when a child’s birthday rolls around. 

The best way to avoid adding clutter to your home on a birthday is to give a gift that isn’t a “thing” at all. An experience or a present that can be consumed without leaving a trace it was ever there at all can help reduce the pile of “random miscellaneous bits” in your home and still make for an enjoyable day for your little one.

Keep reading for 4 clutter-free gift ideas for kids, guaranteed to make them smile:

4 Clutter-free Gift Ideas for Kids

4 Clutter-free Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Gift Cards

Many view gift cards as impersonal, but the fact is, that these cards can be one of the most personalized gifts of all – and significantly reduce clutter in your home. While your child decides precisely how they want to spend the card, this tiny slip takes up almost no room at all, and also gives the recipient ample time to choose a present that they really want.

2. Lessons


Signing a child up for a lesson they’ve always wanted to attend is a great way to give them something they’ll never forget, and most of the time, these classes work out at a similar price to a regular gift! Whether it’s learning a musical instrument, joining a local dance class, or an after-school photography course, these lessons are great for a child’s personal development and give them a chance to make friends as they enjoy their birthday treat!

3. Time

According to a recent study, the number one parenting concern of mums and dads in the UK is not spending enough quality time with their children. So giving a child a “date day” and enjoying an experience with them is an easy way to reduce this worry! It might be a picnic and play at a playground, an afternoon spent baking, or a trip to the cinema… but often, uninterrupted time spent with you or someone special is the best gift you can give a child.

4. Food items

food gift

If you do want to get a child something material, an item of food is a great idea. These consumable goods won’t leave a trace in your home once enjoyed, but still mean you can give them something physical on their special day as well. Good ideas include a chocolate box of all their favorite sweet treats, ingredients to have their very own pizza party with friends, and a baking kit for muffins or a birthday cake…

Buying presents for kids that don’t create a big mess to clear up is easy when you know how. Using these above four present ideas, you can make a child smile on their special day, and also keep yourself beaming with a clutter-free home.

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