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My Wordsearch Templates

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If your child is looking to create their own wordsearch then these My Wordsearch Templates are for you! Simply print out the free printable, add your words and then give to someone to solve. It doesn’t matter if you spell it wordsearch or word search, either way these fun word puzzles are a fantastic way to get kids excited about words and spelling!

My Wordsearch Templates

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My Wordsearch Templates

Sure you can just grab a piece of paper and draw up your own wordsearch but with these printables the process is much simpler and results in something that kids can do by themselves and be proud of. Today we have three different versions of printable wordsearch templates. Firstly a large space wordsearch which is perfect for younger children. Secondly a smaller pattern with more spaces so older children can include a larger number of words. The final version is basically the same as the second but without the title, My Wordsearch so it is great for older kids who want to create a wordsearch following a theme and would like to give it their own title.

Reasons Wordsearches Are So Great

Not only are wordsearches lots of fun to make and complete they are also great to use as a learning tool. Wordsearches are fantastic to help with spelling and word recognition. They are the perfect to help kids to break words down which is important when learning to spell tricky words such as the issue of ‘ee’ or ‘ea’ in a word. Wordsearches can be made using word rules such as the ‘qu’ pattern or to focus on a current spelling list or topic. Talking about topics, a wordsearch based on a topic is a great way to introduce new words to a child! If all this wasn’t already good enough wordsearches are fun and relaxing for both children and adults.

The Printables

Print the wordsearch templates below and think of a wordlist. Write the words in the space provided on the printable and then add them to the wordsearch squares, one letter per square. Once all of the words have been added to the wordsearch squares add in other random letters until the grid is full. Find a friend or family member and get them to do your wordsearch!

Younger Kids Wordsearch
My Wordsearch Template. Younger kids

The large square wordsearch is great for younger children. The squares are big enough that they can really focus on getting each letter right. Miss 7 did this wordsearch by herself and added a range of words that she felt confident spelling but another great alternative would be to give your child a list of words that they are working on and getting them to add those words to the wordsearch.

Older Kids Wordsearch

My Wordsearch Templates- older kids

Two options, with or without the ‘My Wordsearch’ title. This is a larger wordsearch with smaller squares to write in which is perfect for older children. Younger children can also use this wordsearch but with a little help. Miss 7 was excited to be able to make a large wordsearch for her sister and dad so we sat down together to come up with a range of words which we thought the whole family would love.

Fun Wordsearch Books

If making your own wordsearches isn’t enough then check out these fun wordsearch books.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making your own wordsearch using the My Wordsearch Templates today!

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