4 Modern Bedroom Trends in The UK

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Your bedroom is one of the only places in your home you can switch off from your busy life and forget what’s happening in the outside world if only for a few short hours. However, this room is also one of the least regularly decorated in the house. So rather than spending time and money doing up your kitchen and living room this year, why not focus on your sacred sleeping space instead and give your bedroom a makeover?

We’ve rounded up 4 modern bedroom trends that could transform your space this year.

4 Modern Bedroom Trends in The UK

Woven furniture

Rattan furniture has been a staple craft material for centuries, however, the resurgence of rattan in the bedroom has only recently come back around. Woven furniture has since come back in style due to the natural style it gives off, and natural woven furniture also pairs perfectly with tropical bedding – another bedroom trend great for connecting you back with nature.

 Sliding wardrobes 

A certificated space saver and foolproof way to de-clutter your room, sliding wardrobes have also had a resurgence as a modern bedroom trend. This piece of furniture adds a subtle sort of sleekness and lets you hide all that stuff that doesn’t really have another place to live.

Sustainable bedsheets

As the UK continues to focus on the zero-waste lifestyle and the importance of sustainability in the things we buy, this mindset has also come full force into modern bedroom trends. Sustainable bedsheets are increasing in popularity, especially those made from recycled materials, organic fabrics, or sustainable fibers like TENCEL lyocell and bamboo.

Top tip! To make sure your bedsheets are truly eco-friendly, check the tag or product description for certifications such as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and Fair Trade Certified label. That way you can be certain that your bedding is making more than just a difference indoors.

Plants (both real and fake)

Biophilic elements have become a huge bedroom trend in recent years since like woven furniture, they’re instrumental in connecting us back to nature. As people continue to be more mindful of the environment (as seen above) and place higher importance on mental wellness, plants have shot up in popularity in both corporate spaces, and in the home. Don’t worry though, if you’ve tried and failed at keeping plants alive before, this trend also covers faux leaves and trees.

Why not spend time decorating your bedroom this year with these four modern bedroom trends? After all, sometimes your bedroom needs a little TLC as well!

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