6 Kids Weaving Crafts

Weaving is the art of forming a fabric by interlacing at right angles two or more sets of yarn or other material. Today we are simplifying the traditional method of weaving with these 6 Kids Weaving Crafts. Weaving is great for a child’s co-ordination and fine motor skills. Once you get weaving you won’t want to stop! Keep reading to see our fun 6 kids weaving crafts.

1. God’s Eye Craft

God’s Eye craft is a fantastic weaving craft for co-ordination.  In some cultures, the father of the household weaves the center eye of the God’s eye when a baby is born, and each year, until the child’s 5th birthday, another ring of color is added.  It is believed to have the power to see and understand things that the human eye cannot! Follow this link to find out more about this weaving craft.

2. Circle Weaving

We love how this project requires simple materials you probably have on hand. This is also a wonderful weaving craft for little hands and is lots of fun with the addition of beads! Click here to find the full tutorial. 

3. Nature Weaving

Nature weaving is fun for all ages. Younger children will enjoy finding the natural resources and with some help the weaving while older children can complete this craft without any help. We love any activity that gets the kids outdoors! Follow this link to find out more. 

4. Bracelet

This super cool bracelet is made using the straw weaving method. Older kids will love making and wearing their own jewelry! Follow this link for the full tutorial. 

5. Shoe Box Weaving

We love the shoe box weaving method as it makes weaving easier for younger children. Woven wall hangings are unique, stylish and a must for any home! Visit Smile And Weave to find out how it’s done.

6. Paper Weaving

Create this adorable fish with paper weaving. All you need is paper and you have this fun project sorted! Follow this link to find the tutorial and other paper crafts.


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