7 Cute Nail Art Ideas For Teens

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It is super simple to create totally cute nail looks at home when you know how! Today we have found these 7 cute nail art ideas for teens. These ideas are not only for teens, anyone who loves cute nails will love these nail looks.

When doing your nails it is important to start with neat tidy nails. Remove any old polish then shape and lightly buff your nails. Gently pushing back your cuticles will help to give your nails a professional look. Before painting clean each nail with nail polish remover and paint with a base coat. Base and top coats will help your nail design last longer!

7 Cute Nail Art Ideas For Teens

7 cute nail art ideas for teens

1. Super Easy Cat Nails

Cat nails are super easy to create and totally super cute! If you love this tutorial make sure to check out Pack A Punch Polish as there are loads of other great nail tutorial videos to watch.

2. Sprinkle Nails

sprinkle nail art

Bright, colorful and fun these sprinkle nails are the perfect look for a day at the beach or a party with friends. We are loving how easy it is to create this look! Head over to Lulus and see their other great nail art tutorial.

3. Nautical Nails

Nautical nail art

Summertime, sea, boats and turtles, this nail look it totally cute and perfect for any summer adventure. Find out more about this look over at Magically Polished.

4. Watermelon Nails

watermelon nail art

Very cute and fairly simple to recreate when you know how. Thankfully The Nailasaurus has a great step-by-step tutorial so you can learn how to create your own watermelon nails.

5. Tie Dye Nail Art

Tie dye nail art

This fun nail art look can be created using pretty much any color combo but we love the bright colors used here. Find out more about this look and view Chalkboard Nails other tutorials here.

6. Galaxy Nails

galaxy nail art

These galaxy nails are the perfect nighttime look. They may take a while to complete but we think the extra effort will be totally worth it! Read the full tutorial over at The Hunt Blog.

7. Matte & Gloss Dots

matte and gloss nail art

Nail art doesn’t get much easier than this matte & gloss dot look. All that is needed is a matt top coat, a gloss top coat, and a dark color and then you will be able to create this look in next to no time! Visit The Lacquer Log to find out more.

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