7 DIY Kids Outdoor Water Activities

Most kids love playing with water so extend the water-play fun with these 7 DIY kids outdoor water activities. It doesn’t matter what age your kids are there will be a DIY water activity they will love here. From sponge balls for the ultimate water fight to ice dinosaur eggs and water-tables, these ideas are sure to keep kids cool and entertained.

7 DIY Kids Outdoor Water Activities

7 DIY Kids Outdoor Water Activities

1. DIY Sponge Balls

DIY sponge ball water bombs

Sponge balls are SO easy to make and are much better for the environment than plastic water bombs. These sponge balls can be used again and again! They are great for kids of all ages, babies, and toddlers will love them as a fun sensory toy while older kids are sure to love a water fight or just throwing the balls to each other. Head over to Natural Beach Living to find out more.

2. Rain Gutter River

rain gutter river

So much fun and SO easy to construct! I have seen rain gutters set up on the ground or above like this one. Have them down a slope and kids will love tipping water in one end and racing down the guttering or keep them level and enjoy playing with small toys, boats, plastic animals the choice is yours. We are loving this set up from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

3. DIY Water Wall

DIY water wall

Making an awesome water wall doesn’t need to cost lots of money and be super complicated. We are loving this water wall by Mama OT which includes cut up pool noodles, plastic bottles and funnels, which are attached to a pegboard. Chances are you already have most of these items at home!

4. Nature Soup

Nature Soup outdoor water activity

For the prettiest and most fun soup in town, you have to try making this nature soup! The idea is to get natural resources such as lemons, petals, and rocks and to let kids combine them with water to create their own ‘soup’ to play with. Youngsters will love creating their soup. The perfect hot day activity for young kids. Head over to Meri Cherry to find out more.

5. DIY Water Table

DIY water table

A water table is a must for young children but they can be very expensive to buy. There is no doubt that there are some amazing water tables around but simple can be just as much fun and a whole lot cheaper! Bare Feet On The Dashboard has a great tutorial demonstrating how to make your own sturdy water table.

6. Ice Dinosaur Eggs

Ice Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur lovers will adore these ice dinosaur eggs. If your child has no interest in dinosaurs then pop in any other plastic toy or make a fun natural resource egg and pop in flowers, leaves and other things found outside. A great activity that will keep kids occupied and is easy to set up by The Imagination Tree. 

7. PVC Pipe Sprinkler

PVC Pipe Water Sprinkler DIY

This PVC pipe sprinkler just screams fun! It might take a little time to make but it will be worth it this sprinkler will get lots of use. Read the full tutorial over at Preschool Inspirations. You can buy a similar one here but really why would you when you can make a similar one for a fraction of the price.

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