8 Kids Outdoor Nature Crafts

These 8 kids outdoor nature crafts all encourage kids to get outdoor to gather resources for lots of crafting fun. The craft activities featured here do not require many extra resources and include either recycled goods or items you will most likely have already at home. There are crafts here to keep all ages happy from weaving to making a butterfly feeder there is something for everyone here.

8 Kids Outdoor Nature Crafts

1. Acrylic Paint Nature Sun Prints

Find an assortment of plants, flowers, and leaves. Paint the fabric, then place on the gatherings and leaving to dry. The results are just stunning! Click here to read the full tutorial. 

2. Suncatchers From Nature

These suncatchers are simple to make and lots of fun! Send the kids outdoors to collect their nature treasures. Cut the center from a paper plate and apply clear contact paper then arrange the flowers and leaves before sealing with another piece of clear contact paper. Hang and admire! Click here to read the full tutorial. 

3. Nature Weaving

Our girls love nature weaving! This nature craft is very easy to set up and requires only thick cardboard (an old box) and yarn or string. Follow this link to find out more about nature weaving. 

4. Twig + String Art Ornaments

These twig + string art ornaments will keep the kids busy for quite some time. Hunt for the twigs before creating your string art ornaments. Read more about this craft here. 

5. Stick Owl Craft

Owl lovers will adore this stunning stick owl craft. Lots of fun is to be had gathering sticks and leaves and then with sticking and decorating. Read the full tutorial over at I Heart Crafty Things. 

6. Nature Faces

Making nature faces is a fun activity for young children and a great way to get them exploring and discovering the outdoors. Head over to Happy Hooligans to find out more.

7. Pressed Flower Mobile

Turning pressed flowers and leaves into a mobile is a lovely activity to do with children, alternatively, keep them as ornaments. They would make a great Christmas gift! Click here to find out how to make them. 

8. Butterfly Feeder

Who doesn’t love watching butterflies in the garden? Now you can encourage even more butterflies with this fun to make diy butterfly feeder. Find out more about it by clicking here. 


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