7 New Wooden Clothespin Kids Crafts

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Clothespins crafts are fun, inexpensive and produce results that kids will be proud of. Today we have found 7 new wooden clothespin kids crafts to keep kids busy. This expands on our popular 7 Fun Kids Clothespin Crafts article so if you finish these 7 clothespin crafts then why not head over there and give some of them a go also!

7 New Wooden Clothespin Kids Crafts

1. Blackbird Clothespin

This adorable blackbird is easy to make and no paint is required, simply color with a black sharpie! Stick on the feather, eyes and yellow foam feet and beak and you have yourself one very cool blackbird. Source found here. 

2. Clothespin Snowflakes

The prettiest snowflakes around! These would look lovely on a Christmas tree but equally as nice as a wall decoration. Follow this link to find out more.  

3. Clothespin Fairies

Older children will love making their own special clothespin fairy. Have fun making a fairy family and dressing them in different ways. If you love these you may also love our clothespin angels. Click here to find out more. 

4. Clothespin Mouse

We love all crafts that use recycled trash! Featuring plastic bottle cap ears these mice couldn’t get any cuter. Simply glue on the ears, eyes, pom pom nose and string whiskers and tail and your mouse is complete. Source found here. 

5. Clothespin Racing Cars

With movable button wheels, these racing cars are a real blast. Click here to read the full tutorial. 

6. School Of Hungry Fish

Watch out these fish are hungry! With moving mouths, these fish will be a loved clothespin craft. Find out more about this fun clothespin craft over at Crafts By Amanda.

7. Clothespin Insects

A fun craft session and a great chance for a science lesson on insects. Did you know that insects all have their skeletons are on the outside of their bodies with the soft parts inside! Lots of other interesting insect facts can be found over at Little Passports.


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