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8 Crafty & Creative Ideas For DIY Party Invites

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Whether you’re looking to save some cash for your party or add your own creative flair, creating your own show-stopping party invites can save you time and money. In this article, we’ll explore 8 crafty and inexpensive ways to create your very own party invitations.

 Whether you’re planning a kid’s birthday bash, upscale celebration or wedding, keep reading as we’ll show you how to create the perfect DIY invitation.

8 Crafty & Creative Ideas For DIY Party Invites

1. Dried flower invites

dried flowers

Why not add a touch of elegance to your invites by making your very own dried flowers? If you’re having a small event, you could match your flower choice with the theme or use your guest’s favorite flowers to make them super personalized. 

Drying flowers is easy. Just take a heavy book, some parchment paper, and some open flowers such as daisies or pansies. Place the flowers in between two sheets of parchment paper and insert the whole thing between two pages of the book. Finally, close the book and put some other heavy objects on top. In three or four weeks your flowers will be ready to glue or tie into your party invite. 

2. Cut-out invites

Cut-out style invites are super on-trend this year. The good news is that you don’t need fancy tools like laser cutters or papercutting machines to make them yourself. All you will need is a sharp craft knife or pattern punchers if you want to save time.

Simply sketch your design using a pencil and cut it out using the craft knife, or use the punchers as you like. If you’ve only got a few invites to create, you could make your design quite intricate. If not, choose an easy-to-replicate design or opt for cutting certain parts of the invite, such as simple lines along the top or sides. 

3. Watercolour-wash invites

watercolor invites

Watercolor paint is an excellent option for large batches of invites as the design doesn’t require any accuracy and is super easy to do. Be sure to use materials specifically for watercolour paint when making your invites so that the paper does not become soggy or misshapen. 

Choose as many colors as you like, or match them with the theme of your party decorations. Then, get creative. there are a couple of ways to watercolor paint:

  • With a water wash on the paper first, followed by dabbed-on paint.
  • With a large brush into your mixed watercolor paints, which can then be swept across the dry card.

There are loads more techniques if you feel advanced enough, so have a play around to see what works for your invites.

4. Printed invites

printed invites

If you’re comfortable using tech to help you create the perfect invite, this one is for you. There are hundreds of free, printable, and customizable templates online for you to edit, or you can try your hand at creating your own.

You will need design software to create the invites, or you can find pre-designed files on websites such as Envato, Behance, and even on marketplaces like Etsy that are ready to edit and customize. Then you just need to print them.

5. Origami invites 

Why not conceal your invitation in a stunning origami design to impress your guests? All you need are several sheets of colorful card or paper and a little patience. Then, choose your origami design (practice it first using some scrap paper) and get folding. Some great shapes for invites include:

  • Fortune cookie
  • Swan
  • Accordion 
  • Flower 
  • Star 
  • Heart

Ensure the text can be completely concealed within the origami model, using colorful pens or ink to add the party details. If you’re making origami for a kid’s party, why not mix it up and make a variety of animal shapes, letting your child customize them as they wish. 

6. Edible invites

Whilst edible party invites might sound like the latest wacky invention of Heston Blumenthal, they’re easy to make. All you need is a sweet, baked treat that can hold a message. 

For example, brownies or cupcakes with ‘you’re invited’ spelled out in icing or fortune cookies that reveal an invite message. You can also create small signs out of paper and insert them into baked goods using a cocktail stick or purchase edible paper and pen decorations with a party theme. 

7. Ticket invites

You could make your guests feel special by creating exclusive VIP tickets to your event that match the theme. For example, if you’re hosting a movie night, create movie tickets. Or for an outdoor event, make wristbands or lanyards.

 These invite tickets also make a great keepsake. Use hole punches, stamps, or pens to personalize your tickets or mark them as ‘used’ at the event, and encourage guests to take them home with their party favors. 

8. Object-themed invites

A fun way to link your invitations with the party theme is to create shaped invites. You will need several sheets of colored card or paper and a thick piece of card to create your template.

Choose your object to match your theme, sketch out the shape on a thick piece of card and cut around it to create a template. Draw and cut out this template for each invite and decorate them as desired with stickers or paints.

Now you know how to create DIY invites for all sorts of parties with ease. Which will you try for your event?

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