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Glass Frame Pressed Flower Art

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Glass frame pressed flower art looks stunning and can be easily created for next to nothing. All that is needed is a glass frame, flowers (I found mine in our garden at home), really that’s it!

Pressing flowers is a great way to preserve their beauty and displaying them in a glass frame will add something special to any room in your home. Glass frame pressed flower art would also make a great gift alternative to a bunch of flowers.

Glass Frame Pressed Flower Art

Pressed Flower Art

You Will Need

How To Make Your Glass Frame Pressed Flower Art

Firstly you need to gather some flowers to press. I suggest that you gather and press more flowers than you need because some flowers may not look as you want them to when pressed. I pressed a whole lot of beautiful pink flowers only to find that the little flowers easily fell off the stems once dry. If pressing flowers isn’t your thing then Amazon has a great selection of already pressed flowers alternatively have a look in your local craft or dollar store.

amazon pressed flowers

Store bought pressed flowers

To press the flowers you will need some baking paper and a stack of heavy books. Place a layer of parchment paper on a book and lay your flowers flat. Place another layer of parchment paper on top of the flowers before placing another book on top. Continue this process until all of your flowers have been placed flat. Make sure the flowers are kept to a single row. Stack all of the books on top of each other and put aside. Leave for about a week.

Pressed Flower Art

When the flowers are dried and pressed decide what ones you would like to display in your glass frame. Open the frame and carefully place inside. Depending on your frame the pressed flowers may need a little glue to hold in place. Close frame and display or gift to a special friend.

pressed flower art

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