9 Diy Jewelry Boxes

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Here are 9 Diy Jewelry Boxes which will help to keep your jewelry organized. If you have your jewelry scatted around the place or thrown in a draw then this is the project for you! There is something for everyone here, from kids jewelry boxes to a wooden from scratch box. There is no need to buy an expensive jewelry box which isn’t quite to your taste when you can make and decorate your own!

1. Cigar Box Turned Jewelry Box


You can easily turn an old cigar box into an amazing jewelry box. I absolutely love the scrapbook paper they have used on top of this box, the hardest part will be picking what paper you use. Find the tutorial here.

2. Egg Carton Jewelry Box


This is a great one to do with children. Red Ted Art has the directions for this decoupage paper design as well as a cool painted pirate treasure chest design.

3. Easy Wooden Jewelry Box


This wooden jewelry box would make a perfect gift for a loved one. Made from scratch it is sure to impress! Find the plans here.

4. Chocolate Box Jewelry Box


Another jewelry box which would make a fun activity to make with children but with a finish which would make anyone happy. The perfect gift to make for mom or grandma! Click here to find out more.

5. Book Jewelry Box


Turn an old book into this very cool jewelry box. A simple to make yet very original jewelry box idea. Read more here.

6. Diy Bamboo Jewelry Box

This incredible jewelry box is made out of a bamboo place mat and some cardboard.

7. Cardboard Jewelry Box



This is a fantastic jewelry box made out of cardboard. Decorate with any paper to suit your personal taste. This link has the instructions as well as a helpful video tutorial.

8. Secret Box


When closed this jewelry box looks like a plain box but when it opens it has these amazing secret compartments. This jewelry box can be decorated in many different ways to appeal to individual styles. Perfect for both the young and old. Click here for the full tutorial.

9. Diy Ring Box


This diy ring box is made from a cardboard box and hair rollers. A fabulous way to store and display all of your beautiful rings. View the tutorial here.

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