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Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

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Yoga is amazing but like most things getting started can be a little intimidating which is why we have put together these basic yoga poses for beginners.  There are lots of amazing youtube videos on yoga routines right from beginners to expert (links to my favorites are below) but these basic moves are all great to get you started on your yoga journey.

June 21 is the International Day of Yoga which is a day dedicated to inner and outer well-being of the human body. People across the world practice yoga in groups so be sure to have a look to see if there is anything on in your area!

The beginnings of yoga are thought to have started over 5000 years ago in India. Yoga was developed as a way to achieve harmony between the heart and soul on the path to divine enlightenment. Along the way, it was discovered that yoga has a practical benefit of curing many diseases, blood pressure as well as alleviating physical injuries and chronic pains. 

Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

You Will Need

You really don’t need much to enjoy yoga. Comfortable clothes are a must as is a drink of water. A yoga mat is great to have but a towel can be used if you don’t have one. Yoga mats provide some cushioning for your joints and provide a non-slip base for your poses.

Beginner Poses

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose- Balasana-is a common beginner’s yoga pose. It is often used as a resting position in between more difficult poses during a yoga practice. This pose helps to stretch the hips, ankles, and thighs. It can also help relieve back and neck pain and reduces stress and fatigue. Yoga Outlet has a detailed explanation on how to do this pose.

Downward Dog

Downward Dog- Adho Mukha Svanasana– strengthens the arms and legs, creates space in the torso for better organ function, and rests the brain. To get into this pose start off on all fours and make sure your knees are slightly behind your hips. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart, press your hands into the mat and tuck your toes under and take a deep inhale, then keeping your hands pressed into the mat exhale deeply, lifting your knees off the floor and straightening your legs as much as you can. Find out more about downward dog over at Destination Yoga.


Tree- Vrksasana– stretches your inner thighs, groin, and shoulders while also strengthening your thighs, calves, core, and foot muscles. It’s also beneficial for strengthening and improving your posture. The arms can be as they are in the photo or bring your arms overhead alternatively interlace your hands behind your back. Gaia has more information on this pose.

Warrior Poses

The warrior poses are popular yoga poses as they are great for building strength, confidence, and body awareness. These poses help with flexibility in the hips and strengthen and tones the legs, ankles, and feet. Find out more about these poses at Very Well Fit.

The Best Yoga Videos For Beginners

I enjoy yoga but I am very much a beginner and stick to YouTube videos at home. This all started as a way to exercise when I had my kids home when they were young. Often the kids would join in which made it an easy exercise to do. My personal favorites are videos by Boho Beautiful and Yoga With Adriene. I am sure there are lots of other wonderful yoga videos out there but these two I have found are consistently good and have a number of different videos to choose from.

Yoga Bible

Looking for a book with over 150 yoga poses? The Yoga Bible is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to practicing yoga and finding a mental and physical balance in life. The book encourages yoga beginners and experts alike to find a yoga sequence that suits their personal needs and abilities.

Basic Yoga Poses

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