Today we would like to show you how to build this amazing BBQ table. How often do you go to sit at a BBQ table but struggle to gracefully sit on the thing? Struggle no more with this amazing BBQ design. This BBQ follows a traditional design but the bench seats are separate from the table, amazing!  It really does take the normal BBQ table to the next level of style.

We have also found plans for a traditional BBQ table and a octagon table so all of you BBQ table needs should be covered. Happy building!

How To Build This Amazing BBQ Table

This video shows how to build the bench seats which follows the same sequence as the table itself. You can also read the detailed instructions by clicking here.

Alternative BBQ Table Designs

We have also found these other bbq table designs.

1. Traditional BBQ Table


If you are wanting a traditional BBQ table then this is the one for you. We also love the idea of painting your BBQ table! Click here for the full tutorial.

2. Octagon Picnic Table


If you’d like to build an octagon picnic table then here’s the plan for you. The tabletop will be 64″ wide providing plenty of space for guests at your next BBQ. Plans can be found by clicking here.



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