Bunny tail DIY math game

Bunny Tail Math Game

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Are you ready for some math fun? This Bunny Tail Math Game is a great way to add some math to your child’s week! The game is very easy to set up, requires few resources, and can be adapted to suit all levels. We have even included a free bunny printable so you can make this game without even being able to draw. Not only is this game pretty cute and fun it could make a great educational addition to an Easter Basket.

Bunny Tail Math Game

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Bunny Tail Math Game

The idea with this Bunny Tail Math Game is to solve math equations to give the bunnies tails. Once the math problem has been solved a pom pom is selected and added to the bunnies bottom. The game can be played in various different ways depending on the level of your child. One of the great things about this game is how children of different skill levels can play together by simply adjusting the problems that need to be solved. Have children take turns solving the math problems until all the bunnies have tails.

There are many different ways that you can play this Bunny Tail Math Game. A few ways to play are listed below but adapt the game and the rules to suit the needs of the kids playing. We have also included how we play the game which I have found the most engaging for our girls who are 7 and 10.

Ways To Play

For toddlers and preschoolers, it can be as simple as counting the bunnies and then adding on the tails. Place the numbers alongside the bunnies to help with number recognition. Another fun way to play this game with this age group (especially if playing with older children) is to place or write the numbers 1-6 next to the bunnies and throw a dice and give the correct bunny a tail when the number comes up.

Select some numbers to place alongside each bunny. Roll the dice and add the dice number to the bunny number and when correct give the bunny a tail.

Roll two dice and see if you could add, subtract, multiply or divide your way to one of the numbers that are next to the bunnies. If it can be done then give that bunny a tail.

Roll one dice and figure out what other number you could add or subtract to get the answer of the number next to one of the bunnies. If you can do it then give your bunny a tail.

The numbers 1- 20 are provided on a free printable below for you to print and cut out. When playing these games we have 6 bunnies each and get our girls to select the numbers they like to go with each bunnie. You can of course use higher numbers by writing or printing out your own. You could even add in a third dice and extra bunnies for more math fun!

How Our Family Play

Start with 6 bunnies each and select a number for each bunnie between 1 and 12. Place the numbers next to the bunnies. Put all of the pom poms in the center.

Roll 2 dice and see if you can add or subtract the numbers together to equal one of the numbers that is next to one of your bunnies, if not remember the two numbers added together and have a bonus roll with one dice. Add or subtract the bonus roll to the first roll total and see if you have a bunny that matches. If you do add on a bunny tail, if not pass the dice to the next person. Repeat this until someone has completed all the bunnies or until you all have one bunny left without a tail. At this stage you can go into the BONUS SPRINT round. For the bonus sprint, roll the dice and add the numbers together. Use this number and figure out what other number you need to equal the bunnies number. So if you roll a 5 and a 2 that equals 7, if your bunny has the number 10 you call out 7+3=10 to get your bunny tail.

Materials Needed

So you know how to play but before the fun starts you will need to make your Bunny Tail Math Game! We used the wool insert that comes in our weekly ‘My Food Bag’ food delivery box. This wool insert is used to keep all of the cold food cold and is easily removed from the plastic bag. If you don’t have this wool mat handy at home you can use felt or even cardboard.

Bunny Tail Math Game
How to make the game

The Printbales

Print out the printables below to use to make your own Bunny Tail Math Game. You can also design your own bunnies if you would like a different bunny shape.

Bunny Tail Math Game

Let’s Make The Game

Cut out the bunny size that you would like to use for your game. Place the cut out bunny onto the wool insulation sheet (or felt/ paper) and cut out the shape of the bunny. Repeat until you have the amount of bunnies desired. We had 6 bunnies per person but you may rather have a few more or less depending on how many people are playing and the ages/ attention spans.

If you are using the numbers cut these out. It is as simple as that! grab your pom poms, bunnies, numbers and dice and you are ready to have a game of Bunnie Tail Math! For a refresher on how to play the game re-read our ways to play section.

Bunny Tail Math Game
set up

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