Cardboard Roll Royal Family

A cardboard roll royal family is a simple craft project to make and provides hours of entertainment.

It was a cold winters day with my girls home sick when they decided we needed a cardboard roll royal family. Initially, we started by making a cardboard box castle but it was quickly realized that people were needed. Following on with the cardboard theme cardboard roll people seemed the logical choice. The great thing about this cardboard roll royal family is that all of the needed resources you will most likely already have at home!  Such an easy craft project which really was a lot of fun.

Cardboard Roll Royal Family

Cardboard Roll Royal Family

You Will Need:

  • Toilet rolls or paper towel rolls cut down to the size of toilet paper rolls.
  • Googly eyes and glue to stick them on unless you have googly eyes with sticky backs.
  • Light card or paper for the arms and faces
  • Pipe cleaners for the hair and crowns
  • Adhesive fabric sheets for the clothes or colored paper and glue
  • Scissors
  • Pens for face details

How To Make Your Royal Family:

You might have noticed that our royal family has a King, Queen, and two Princesses. Of course, your royal family can be made up of any number of Kings, Queens, Princes or Princesses!

If you need to cut a long cardboard roll down to size do that first. You can also cut your princes and princesses to be a little shorter if desired.

Next, get decided what adhesive fabric (or paper) you are wanting for the clothing and cut a V or a U shape into one side for the neck. You can see the cut we did in the photo above to give you some idea on size. Measure this against your cardboard roll to check it is correct before sticking. For the King, we used plain black paper for his trousers on the bottom section of the tube.

Cut some arms with little hands and stick on more of the matching fabric to cover. Fold the ends over and glue onto the cardboard rolls.

Now make some crowns by twisting pipe cleaners around the top of the cardboard rolls and into a crown shape. Add some hair by sliding it between the crown and cardboard roll. You could add glue but we found that it all stayed in place without.

Add the faces. Googly eyes and then add a nose and lips with pens. Can you tell which faces my girls did?

Cardboard Roll Royal Family Craft

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