Decorate A Christmas Tree Printable

This Decorate a Christmas Tree Printable is perfect if you are after a simple and mess-free craft activity to do with your child this Christmas season. Simply print out the free printables then color and cut out the decorations before gluing them onto the Christmas tree. Once the tree has been decorated count up all of the different decorations and fill out the counting worksheet. Lots of fun for kids of all ages!

Decorate A Christmas Tree Printable

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decorate a Christmas tree. Printable kids craft

I don’t know about you but our kids LOVE printable craft worksheets. They honestly get as much enjoyment from them as doing worksheets like this decorate a Christmas tree printable as other more messy and complicated crafts. All that is needed is to print off the worksheets, provide the colored pens, scissors and glue and they are away. No expensive materials or messy clean-ups, it is a win for everyone!

Younger children might need some help with cutting out the pieces but worksheets like these are also a great way to practice scissor skills. Miss 6 had some white paper around her Christmas tree decorations but she was still really proud of her finished result.

Materials Needed


Click the Decorate A Christmas Tree link below these images to print or download to save for later use.

Let’s Get Creating

Print off the printables and get out the pens/ pencils/ crayons, scissors, and glue stick. Decide if you are going to use the green tree or the white tree. If using the black and white tree start by coloring it in. Will it be a traditional green tree or perhaps a festive red one? It is totally up to you!

Decorate a Christmas tree printable activity

Color in all of the ornaments that you want to use on the tree. Once colored cut them out carefully with scissors. Position the ornaments on the tree and when you are happy with the layout glue them on using the glue stick.

Once the tree is complete fill out the counting sheet. Have a look at each decoration, count them, and write the number in the space. You can even color in this printable worksheet!

Decorate a Christmas tree printable activity


These printables can be used in many different ways. Here are a few suggestions but with a bit of creativity, this printable craft can be used in many fun ways.

Stick the tree onto cardboard and then add on craft box goodies to decorate.

Draw on some presents under the Christmas tree.

Reduce the size of the printables slightly under the printer settings. Make the tree then cut it out and glue it onto some folded cardstock to make Christmas cards.

Get out the paints and paint the Christmas tree. For younger children cut out the tree once dry and stick it onto cardstock before decorating with the ornaments.

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Decorate a Christmas tree printable activity

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