DIY christmas tree cards

DIY Paper Scrap Christmas Tree Cards

Use up your paper scraps to make these adorable DIY paper scrap Christmas tree cards. These cards are super easy and quick to make and of course, are super cute! So add that personal touch and make your own Christmas cards this year.

DIY Paper Scrap Christmas Tree Cards

Today I am going to show you how to make your own quick and easy DIY paper scrap Christmas tree cards. They are super adorable, add a personal touch AND use up some of those paper scraps that you have been saving up all year!

We, in fact, have an entire drawer dedicated to paper scraps. That might seem a little extreme but our girls absolutely love to craft so we like to have an inexpensive supply of craft items that they can use whenever they like. So it just made sense to keep all of the nice scraps of card and paper. While they are at school I am busy raiding their scrap paper drawer to make these cute cards. Chances are we will be making more of these beauties when they return home and see them!

Now if you haven’t been hoarding scrap paper, have no fear and cut into a nice new piece of paper or three! I love to mix the patterns up a bit but this is entirely up to you. My friends will tell you that I am not scared of clashing colors. Matching patterns, plan colors, totally clashing, do what makes you happy!

You Will Need

We are keeping it very simple today and chances are you will have everything you need already at home.

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How To Make Your Scrap Paper Christmas Tree Cards

This is really that quick and easy that a tutorial almost isn’t needed!

First, gather all of your supplies. Have a look through your scrap paper to see if you have anything suitable. You will need enough scrap paper to cut three triangles and one tree trunk. The size of the tree will depend on the size of your card.

Fold the sheet of cardstock to make the card base the size that you like.

Cut the scrap paper into three triangles. I like to have the bottom triangle slightly larger and the top triangle the smallest. Cut a rectangle shape to form the trunk. Starting with the trunk glue it onto your card base. Next layer the scrap paper triangles sticking down with the glue stick.

Top the tree with an adhesive rhinestone or any other item that you think is suitable from your craft box. A little star would look lovely as would a small pom pom.

These scrap paper trees would also be great made as gift tags!

For a quick and easy Christmas gift idea be sure to check out our DIY Reindeer Christmas Mason Jar tutorial. Or scroll through some of our posts, for other great DIY Christmas gift ideas.

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