Diy Decorated Shell Inspiration

Move over rock painting, decorating shells is our new favorite pastime! Today we have found plenty of diy decorated shell inspiration to get you started on your shell decorating journey.  All you need for this fun craft is shells and sharpie pens. Find some shells, grab your color sharpies, recreate or add your own twist to these fabulous designs.

If you can’t get access to shells or a beach, Amazon has a great selection of shells that you can get delivered right to your door.

Diy Decorated Shell Inspiration

1. Blue And Brights

Blue or brights, which is your favorite? We love all of these shells which were decorated with ultra fine sharpies. Source found here. 

2. Sharpie Hearts

More of that beautiful blue! We adore the sharpie hearts featured here and how the shells have been displayed as a candle centerpiece. Read the tutorial here. 

3. Touch Of Gold

Add a touch of gold to your decorated shells to really make them stand out. Source found here. 

4. Bottom Of Shell

Most commonly people decorate the tops of shells but we love the idea of creating a unique design on the underside of shells as well. Click here to read more about these shells. 

5. Seashell Ladybugs

Seashell ladybugs are a fun craft activity for young children to do. These are colored with liquid watercolors and sharpies for the heads and dots. Follow this link to find out more. 

6.  Pysanky Shells

We just adore the colors and designs on these pysanky shells. These shells would look beautiful displayed in a glass bowl. Source found here. 

7. Red, Black, Gold And Sliver

Red, black, gold and silver is such a striking color combination! Any design would look lovely in these colors. Source found here. 

8. Floral Shells

Turn shells into floral creations for something truly unique. Source found here. 

9. Black And White

Paint shells white then once dry add on black details to create designer looking shells. Sometimes simple is really better. Source found here. 

10. Shell Decorations

Decorate some shells then attach a ribbon. These lovely shells are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree. Source found here. 




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