fabric paint window art clings

DIY Halloween Fabric Paint Window Art Clings

Making your own DIY Halloween Fabric Paint Window Art Clings is much easier than you may think. All that is needed is a plastic snaplock bag and some puffy fabric paint. Add in our FREE Halloween printable and you will have some spooktacular windows clings to decorate your window with.

Our youngest daughter was given a fun DIY window art kit for her birthday which got me thinking, how can I recreate this without having to buy a kit each time? She absolutely loved the kit but it quickly gets expensive buying specialty art kits all of the time. We also had a problem with the paints, they were near impossible to squeeze out so there had to be an easier way. We have done crafts in the past using fabric paints such as these upcycled pillowcase cushions so I wondered if we could use fabric paints to make window art clings. The answer is YES they are fantastic and much easier than the sticker art kit!

Scroll down to get the FREE Halloween printable and to learn how to make your own window art clings.

DIY Halloween Fabric Paint Window Art Clings

DIY Halloween fabric paint window art clings

Since figuring out that we can use fabric paint to create window art clings this is pretty much all Miss 5 and Miss 7 want to do! They really are that easy to make although you will need to practice a little patience waiting for the window art clings to dry.

Today we are going to step you through the process so you can make your own window clings and hopefully avoid the mistakes we made when first attempting this DIY craft project. They are very easy to make but there are a few important tips to make them successfully without tearing. All of which are described below.

You Will Need

One of the great things about making window art clings is that you can make them with only two items! Fabric paint and a snaplock bag. We have provided with a free Halloween printable to make cool Halloween window clings but you can make any design you like free-hand without the printable or create your own printable.

DIY Halloween fabric paint window art clings
  • Dimensional Fabric Paint. Cheaper brands seem to work better for this craft. We used cheap glow-in-the-dark fabric paint from our local Kmart so check your local dollar stores/ Walmart etc for some affordable fabric paint to make your window art clings with. We also used the Tulip brand (linked above) which is readily available and did work but a little more attention was needed when removing the window art clings from the bag.
  • Large Snaplock Bags. Large is best for this activity as you can simply slip the printed sheet into the bag but smaller bags can also be used. The plastic thickness on snaplock style bags is perfect as much thicker or thinner it will be more difficult to remove the window art clings.
  • Clear Glue. Optional extra! To add an extra layer of strength the if needed.
  • The free printable. Simply click and print the printable link below!

What To Do

First things first gather all of your supplies. Place the printable inside of the snaplock bag. If the printable is too large to fit in your bag then grab some scissors and cut the image you would like to turn into a window cling out. Place that image into the bag.

DIY Halloween fabric paint window art clings

Using the dimensional fabric paint color the image. Make sure the fabric paint has been applied in a THICK layer. The thicker the fabric paint the thicker the window cling so this will help to avoid it stretching and tearing. Make sure that all of the fabric paint joins! If the paint doesn’t join then the window cling will be in separate parts.

It is possible to do a base color and then layer the detailing colors over BUT you will need to remember where the details go AND the detail colors will not show from outside of the window. We find it better to do the outlines first and then fill in with the desired colors. Be careful when working next to a wet color with a different color as they can run into each other if you drag the fabric paint tip though the different colors. If you are careful it is possible to complete your design in one session.

Colors have run into each other? Don’t worry this adds to the creativity or go over with a little more paint once the paint has dried.

Once dry gently remove from the plastic bag and stick on the window. An adult may need to help with this step.

DIY Halloween fabric paint window art clings

HELP! I Can’t Remove It From The Bag

Eek, there isn’t anything more disappointing than spending all that time making your own DIY Halloween Fabric Paint Window Art Clings to not be able to get them from the bag to the window!

DIY Halloween fabric paint window art clings

Firstly make sure your window art clings are completely dry. They will not come off the bag if they are still partly wet.

If they are completely dry and still don’t come off the plastic then chances are the paint is too thin. To fix this apply a layer of clear glue and wait for it to dry. Yes, that means more waiting but it will be worth it to have your window clings on the window in one piece!

DIY Halloween fabric paint window art clings

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DIY Halloween fabric paint window art clings

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