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DIY Reindeer Christmas Mason Jars

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If you are looking for a simple homemade Christmas gift that won’t cost you the earth then this DIY reindeer Christmas mason jar ticks all of those boxes. This is one super cute gift perfect for teachers, grandparents, friends, really anyone!

Our reindeer mason jars have been filled with a combination of Maltesers and Jaffas but they can be filled with the recipient’s favorite treat. Or why not use it as cookie mix in a jar gift? Another great option is to fill it with our Homemade Lavender & Oat Bath Soak. This is a fantastic last-minute gift idea that is guaranteed plenty of smiles.

DIY Reindeer Christmas Mason Jars

DIY Reindeer Christmas Mason Jars

Now, this certainly isn’t a new idea but it is definitely a very cute idea that will be loved. Who doesn’t love candy or other goodies in a super cute mason jar?! We originally found this idea online for our article 6 Fantastic Diy Christmas Food Gifts, however, the tutorial no longer exists so we thought we would write our own original version.

Our DIY Reindeer Christmas Mason Jars have a strip of brown paint around the center of the mason jar. If you do not want to paint it you could use a strip of brown paper or leave the color off entirely and simply just stick on the nose and eyes.

You Will Need

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If you are wanting to use paper instead of paint to save time then you simply cut the paper to fit around the center of the mason jar and stick it to the jar.

How To Make It

The first and very important step is to tape your jar. To a clean jar place a strip of painters tape to the upper part of the glass and another to the lower part of the glass jar. The space between the tape is where the paint will go so make sure it is wide enough to fit your pom pom nose and googly eyes. It is important to get the tape on with as few bumps and creases as possible to ensure a clean line.


Now it is time to paint! We recommend using spray paint as this will give you the smoothest finish. Unfortunately for me, our local hardware store doesn’t stock brown spray paint so I spray painted a layer of blue (just because this is what we had a home) and then decided to paint a layer of brown acrylic enamel paint. The brand of acrylic enamel paint in the link was not what I used, the linked one is a one-step paint that doesn’t require prep so you can go right ahead and start painting with that paint. Make sure to check out your paint guidelines, some paints are more suitable for painting on glass than others.

Once you are happy with the paint remove the painters tape. If any tape has escaped and gone into any creases of the painters tape, very gently scrape it off so a clean line is remaining.

DIY Reindeer Christmas Mason Jars

Hot Glue

It is almost time to glue but before you do twist your pipe cleaners into antler shapes. Bed the bottom of the pipe cleaner over to make it easy to glue to your mason jar lid.

Get that hot glue gun out as it is time to get gluing. Glue on the eyes, nose, and antlers. We cut the one side of the pom pom carefully to make it easier to stick onto the jar. Be careful as they can expand and come undone!

That is your DIY reindeer mason jar complete!

Fill With Treats

Now that your jar is complete it is time to fill with treats. We used a combination of Maltesers and Jaffas however any brown food would look great. Really any filling of any color will work well thanks to the strip of brown around your mason jar. Get creative, bath soak, body scrub, pretzels, anything small!

Be sure to take a snap of your reindeer jars and have a very Merry Christmas!

DIY Reindeer Christmas Mason Jars

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