Diy Spooky Ghost Wall Decoration

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In need of a quick Halloween decoration for the wall or a fun ghost project to do with the kids, then this diy spooky ghost wall decoration is for you! Chances are you will already have everything you need to make this spooky ghost.

Our house was looking very bare for Halloween so Miss 3 and I made this diy spooky ghost wall decoration. Low cost and easy enough that Miss 3 felt like she made it, perfect! Read on to see exactly how we did it, although it is that simple a diy isn’t really needed!


Diy Spooky Ghost Wall Decoration

You Will Need

  • -White paper (we used A4)
  • -Black paper
  • Old white tissue paper
  • -Glue Stick
  • -Sticky Tape
  • -Scissors


  1. Cut out eye and mouth shapes out of black paper. Mix it up and make it fun with different shapes!
  2. Stick mouth and eyes onto a white piece of paper. 
  3. Attach tissue paper onto the back of the ghost face with sticky tape.
  4. Flip the ghost over and cut the tissue paper to be in line with the ghost head. Then cut strips into the bottom of the tissue paper.
  5. Now trim around the ghost face to remove the corners.




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