DIY easy chicken cake

Easy DIY Chicken Cake

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If you are after a very easy DIY chicken cake to make for your next party then this is the cake for you! Use your favorite cake as a base or our favorite chocolate cake recipe (which is included below) and decorate with buttercream frosting that is then decorated using coconut flakes and custom pieces made from fondant. To make the cake decoration even simpler we have provided you with a free printable to help you get the correct shape for some of your fondant decorations. This is one super easy DIY chicken cake that anyone who loves chickens will adore!

Easy DIY Chicken Cake

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Easy DIY Chicken Cake

Miss 10 asked for a chicken cake for her birthday. I had previously made a DIY Llama CakeSimple Caticorn Cake, and the second Unicorn cake featured in our article DIY Unicorn Rainbow Party which all follows much the same idea of keeping it simple! I am far away from a professional cake decorator but I do love to make a special cake for our girls each year for their birthdays. If you haven’t looked at these other cakes they are all just cakes made to resemble the head of whichever animal. Head cakes are a great solution as they are normally fairly quick to make and don’t require too many complicated decorations. I always love fondant decorations as they can be made ahead of time which gets some of the work out of the way well before the party.

You can use pretty much any cake but I have a few tested cakes that I normally go with for birthday cakes. Ideally, you want a cake that is fairy solid so it isn’t likely to fall apart on you. We have included our Easy Chocolate Cake recipe which is ultra-easy to bake and a cake that I have so far never failed! To make this cake I doubled the recipe and split it between three cake tins.

Moving on to the cake itself, this cake can be decorated without any fancy cutters or cake-making supplies. I have listed all of the items that you can use to make things easier that over the years I have collected to use. Consider using a regular knife instead of fondant cutting tools, for the eyes, I use the wide end of a frosting nozzle but you could also carefully cut around any small circle if you do not have a circle cutter. Get creative and you will be amazed at what will work.

You Will Need

Best Chocolate Cake Ever

This recipe came from a dear friend who used it as a base for one of the wonderful cakes she baked for her boys. I asked her if I could have the recipe which she said came from a friend of hers. Since then this has been my go-to recipe for decorated birthday cakes. Even when it is slightly under or overcooked it still tastes great!

The other fantastic thing about this recipe is how well it freezes. If freezing, bake the cakes and wait until they have cooled completely. Once cold wrap in a layer of cling film and then cover in a layer of aluminum foil. I often bake my cakes a week early and take them out of the freezer the night before to defrost in the fridge ready to be decorated the next morning.

For the chicken cake, x2 standard-sized cake tins and x1 dome cake tin was used. The recipe below was doubled and split it between the three cake tins.

Let’s Make A Chicken Cake

how to make Easy DIY Chicken Cake

Fondant Decorations

Start by making the fondant decorations. These should be made ahead of the cake, especially the chicken comb as this needs time to dry hard.

Print off the printable and cut out the beak and chicken comb shape. Dust a clean surface with icing sugar and roll out the fondant. For the chicken comb and beak make sure the fondant is thick enough to be able to insert two toothpicks. Place the cut out shapes gently on the fondant and cut around the edge. If needed gently smooth the edge of the fondant to make it look neat.

Insert toothpicks into the comb. Gently fold the beak over and insert toothpicks. The toothpicks will hold the fondant pieces in place.

To make the eyes cut out two circles and make smaller circles by either using a cutter or rolling a small quantity of fondant into a ball and pressing it flat. Stick the smaller circles onto the larger ones by using a drop of water.

Place all of the decorations onto a lined tray and set them aside to dry.

Construct The Cake

Start by building your cake. You should have your cake bases ready and cold. DO NOT use hot or warm cakes! Stack the cakes on top of each other to make sure they are all the same size. If needed use a bread knife and carefully cut the sides off so all the cake edges match.

Make up your frosting of choice. We used chocolate frosting which could be seen a little under the coconut flakes so white frosting could be a good option if this is going to bother you.

Lay the first cake onto your cake plate and put on some frosting. Spread it out so it is even then carefully place on the next cake and repeat until all of the cakes are stacked with frosting in-between. Apply more frosting to the outside of the cakes until the cake is completely covered. Use the spatula to create a neat and even layer of frosting.

Stick the fondant eyes and cheeks in place on the cake. Cover the cake with coconut flakes. Pay extra attention to the eyes and cheeks. Once covered with coconut carefully insert the chicken comb on top of the cake and place the beak in place.

Easy DIY Chicken Cake

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making this Easy DIY Chicken Cake!

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