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Simple Caticorn Cake

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Your child has requested a caticorn cake this year but where do you start? Well, you have come to the right place as a caticorn cake doesn’t get much easier than this one! This simple caticorn cake tutorial is great for anyone wanting to make a cool cake which is also super easy and quick to make. I am not a professional cake decorator so if I can do it, so can you!

I sighed a sigh of relieve when Miss (now) 5 asked for a cat cake. As far as cakes go a cat cake would be fairly simple. So I got to work creating this list of 5 Adorable Cat Cakes. The cat cake with the flower headband was the cake I was drawn to and thought I could convince my daughter to pick but then we went out for lunch with a friend who suggested, “why not have a caticorn cake?” Of course, my daughter loved this idea, especially as the party room was going to be unicorn themed. It was decided a caticorn cake (or kittycorn cake to Miss 5 and 7) it would be. Thankfully for me, I had made a unicorn head cake before so I decided to stick with the cat cake and just give it a horn.

It wasn’t until after I made this cake that I discovered Coco Cake Land (who made the cat cake I loved) had also made a caticorn version. Really I just needed to search for caticorn cakes to start with! Make sure you check out their caticorn cake as it has been made in the most awesome color combo. My daughter wanted a cake that looked like our cat Tilly but the bright colors are super adorable.

In my normal style of being rather flustered while getting ready for the girls birthdays, I didn’t get many photos of the cake. Maybe for the next birthday, I will get that sorted and have more photos to guide you!

Simple Caticorn Cake

You Will Need

How To Make It


Firstly you need to make the horn. Ideally, this will be done at least a week before you are wanting to construct your cake as the fondant needs time to dry.

As we had a last minute change of mind regarding the cake our horn didn’t get made until a few days before it was needed and it was only just dry! If you are short on time I suggest coloring the fondant not painting it. I had a little disaster while waiting for the gold paint to dry on the horn. The horn was inserted in some polystyrene so it could be painted without being touched and left to dry however I left a gap between the fondant and polystyrene so because the fondant base hadn’t dried enough it slid down the kebab stick. I returned to discover the kebab stick and was poking out the top of the horn! So learn from me, make sure it is dry or don’t leave a gap so the horn can’t slide anywhere.

To make the horn roll a chunk of white fondant (if you don’t want gold then mix in a color to make the horn your desired color) into a long thin worm shape. Fold this in half gently twisting together. Try to make the middle part of the worm slightly thinner as this will give a better horn look when put together. You might need to practice this a few times to get it the right size and shape. The great thing about fondant is you can try and then try again if needed. It is just like working with playdough or clay. Cut the bottom of the horn straight and insert a kebab stick. This now needs to be left to dry. On a tray with parchment paper works well.

At this stage, you can also make the other fondant parts.

  • Ears- form fondant into triangles, insert toothpicks. I did one but two would provide much better support.
  • Eyes and face, cut out circles and nose a flattened ball.
  • Whiskers cut out strips of black fondant.

Leave these all to dry. When the ears and horn are dry you can paint them with the gold food paint. To paint the horn I put it in a piece of polystyrene to hold it upright so the entire horn could be painted and left to dry. I used a paint designed for an airbrush gun but I painted it on using a brush. The result would be awesome with an airbrush gun but sometimes you have to make do with what you have.

I also bake my cakes a week in advance. Once they have cooled I wrap them in aluminum foil and plastic cling wrap and then freeze until needed. Either the night before (if decorating in the morning) or the morning of, I take the cakes out of the freezer and defrost. This really helps to lessen the stress and the cakes always seem to taste better.

Cake Construction

By this stage, you should have your cake baked and fondant decorations finished and ready. You will need to make your buttercream icing and color it. Our caticorn cake is mainly black with some gold. Put half of the buttercream aside for the base layer of your cake and the rest goes into your piping bag with the grass nozzle attached. I put both colors (black and gold) into one piping bag without mixing, alongside each other. The colors combined a little as I used them but Miss 5 was delighted with how it ended out.

Place your cake onto the cake stand/ plate and cover the cake in the base layer of buttercream. Put the ears in place.

Use the grass tip to pipe on all of the hair. This is by far my most favorite nozzle to use as it is really hard to get it wrong. I also made this monster cake using this nozzle. Honestly, if you are new to cake decorating then making a cake using this nozzle is the way to go! In a dabbing type of motion cover your cake and the back of the ears with hairy buttercream.

Now for the fun part, place on all of the fondant decorations and insert the horn. If needed use a little water to help the whiskers adhere to the fondant face.

I really hope whoever you are making this cake for loves it as much as my daughter did. Kids don’t seem to notice all the imperfection that we do so make your cake and have a very happy birthday!

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