Foil Art Christmas Trees

We love foil art so with Christmas coming we were super excited to make some foil art Christmas trees! Foil art is basically cardboard, covered in aluminum foil and then decorated with Sharpie pens and other fun craft decorations. This is an easy craft that kids of all ages can do and love.

Not only is this a super fun Christmas craft but these foil art Christmas trees can easily be turned into Christmas tree decorations. Pop some plain paper on the back and use it as a gift card. Alternatively, stick them onto cardstock to make a very special Christmas card!

Foil Art Christmas Trees

foil art sharpie Christmas tree

Miss 5, Miss 7 and their friend have been having lots of crafting fun while making these adorable foil art Christmas trees. They take a little prep from an adult to get the bases set up but they are not complicated at all to make. Our girls love foil art so it is always well worth the effort.

You Will Need

The best cardboard to use to make foil art Christmas trees is an old stong box. If you don’t have an old box then something like a cereal box will also work (and be much easier to cut) but you will need to be somewhat more careful if wrapping the base with pipe cleaners.

foil art sharpie Christmas tree

Make sure your aluminum foil is non-stick. The Sharpie pens will not stick to non-stick foil! Believe me, it is disappointing when you have gone to the effort of covering a bunch of trees to have to recover it.

Like most of our crafts, it doesn’t have to be exact! No pipe cleaners, try covering the base with ribbon or color with the Sharpies. No sticky gems, try stickers or cut up some magazines in cool shapes. This is an adaptable craft, all that is really needed is the cardboard, foil, and pens. What is cool is watching kids just go for it. I am always amazed by their creativity and they often come up with better ideas than I do!

foil art sharpie Christmas tree

How To Make

foil art sharpie Christmas tree

Firstly make the Christmas tree bases. Once you have made the first base you can use this one as a stencil to cut out the others. Using the ruler and pencil draw a triangle shape onto the cardboard. Add a square at the bottom to be the Christmas tree base. If you are using a thicker cardboard box then cutting out using a craft knife will be easiest.

Once you have all of the bases cut out it is time to cover them in foil. Using the glue stick cover one side of the cardboard tree in glue. Press the tree onto the foil and cut around the edge. Next, fold over the foil and stick down onto the back of the cardboard.

foil art sharpie Christmas tree

Your tree is now ready to decorate! Decorate using the Sharpie pens and then add on any extra decorations. Use pipe cleaners to twist around the base of the cardboard tree to make a stand out tree base. Place an adhesive star at the top of the tree.

How easy and fun was that?! If you want to turn them into Christmas tree decorations place another adhesive star behind the one on top of your tree and make a hole to attach a ribbon. They would also look lovely to bling up a Christmas gift box or on a Christmas card!

foil art sharpie Christmas tree

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foil art sharpie Christmas tree

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