foil art heart craft

Foil Art Heart Craft

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Today we have a new foil art craft project for you as we LOVE foil art! This foil art heart craft is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft for kids but still just as great to do anytime during the year. Foil art is easy to set up, simple and fun to do! Chances are you most likely have all of the supplies you need at home.

The kids adore foil art and honestly, I do too! I can’t quite explain what it is but there is something so satisfying about drawing on aluminum foil with Sharpie pens. The smaller size means that it holds kids attention well compared to a larger drawing or coloring page. As for the results, it is hard to tell whos are who. I am sure is part of the reason both Miss 5 and Miss 8 love to create foil art!

Foil Art Heart Craft

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foil art heart craft


One of the great things about foil art crafts is that they require hardly any supplies. Sure buying the Sharpie pens are a bit of an expense but they will be used over and over again and they will last ages (as long as you put the lids back on).

For this craft you will need:

  • Sharpie pens or other permanent markers in a range of colors.
  • Cardboard. An old box is perfect but just use any cardboard you have floating around at home. A great use for food packaging!
  • Aluminum foil. Do not use the magic non-stick variety as the pens will not work on that type of foil!
  • Glue Stick.
  • Scissors.
foil art heart craft

How To Make Your Foil Art Hearts

This foil art heart craft is best made in two stages. First, make the heart bases and then invite the kids to come to decorate them. Believe me, it isn’t all that relaxing when you are trying to make foil art bases with the kids standing next to you wanting you to hurry! Older children will be able to make the heart bases but it can be difficult to cut through the cardboard if it is thick so for kids that want to make their own bases use thinner cardboard such as a recycled cereal box.

Making The Base Heart

Heart Base

Start by making the hearts. The easiest way to do this is by drawing a heart onto a piece of scrap paper. Fold the heart in half and cut around the best half of the heart before unfolding. Once you have the heart shape trace around it onto a piece of cardstock. Cut out the heart and use this heart as your base to make other hearts.

If that all seems too complicated (really it isn’t) then you can also print out the page of hearts below and use that. The advantage of using the above method (other than not having to use a printer) is that is is easy to get your heart any size you like.

Make the hearts an achievable size. Too large and kids will lose interest, too small and you might be making hearts all day long! A heart about the size of your hand should be just right. A variety of sizes is always fun.

Now that you have your hearts cut out of cardboard it is time to cover them in foil. Using the glue stick completely cover on side of your cardboard heart with glue and press onto the foil. Cut around the heart so there is some extra foil and fold and stick the extra foil to the back of the heart. Repeat this for all of your hearts.


foil art heart craft

Now for the easy and fun part, decorating! Decorate in any way you like! You can even get the craft box out and add some extra embellishments.

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foil art heart craft

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