Learn how to make a clay jar fairy house with these easy to follow video tutorials. Fairy houses look amazing and are lots of fun to make. All of these tutorials use a jar base meaning they can be used as lights or to store away treasures!

The jar fairy houses featured here use a combination of air dried clay and polymer clay. Polymer clay is baked at a low temperature until it is set firm.  Polymer clay tends to be more durable and waterproof and doesn’t shrink when drying. Air-dry clay dries with air contact. It tends to be a bit more spongy and less dense which makes it great for kids to work with. It tends to shrink a bit when drying, and it’s not waterproof. Both types of clay can be painted after so the choice is up to you!

Aluminum foil is often used to create texture and shape which leaves the fairy house possibilities limited to your imagination. All that is needed to create a clay jar fairy house is a jar, clay, foil, paint and a few other easy to source tools. Watch the videos below to learn how to make a clay jar fairy house!

How To Make A Clay Jar Fairy House

1. Fairy House Jar Lantern

 This amazing fantasy fairy house can be used as a cool decoration as well as a lantern! Make sure you use a LED tealight (battery operated tealight) to light up the house, not a regular candle. Click here to watch more of Maive Ferrando’s videos. 

2. Tree Trunk Fairy House

2. Treetrunk Fair House Solar Lamp

This stunning polymer clay treetrunk fairy house features a solar light. The roof has been made from cardboard covered in foil and clay while it has a glass jar base. This is a stunning fairy treetrunk house! Click here to view more of Krikreativ’s videos. 

3. DIY Fairy Garden Log House

3. DIY Fairy Garden Log House

 Wow, we love all of the intricate detailing gone into this amazing fairy garden log house! Creative Mom has many other amazing videos, many featuring fairy houses made from plastic bottles.

4. Easy Lily Flower Fairy House

4. Easy Lily Flower Fairy House Jar Lantern

 This stunning lily jar fairy house has been made with air dry clay. Visit Clay It Now for more inspirational videos, including a DIY clay recipe.



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