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Seashell & Air Dry Clay Snail Craft

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This seashell & air dry clay snail craft is simple and fun for both adults and kids. Seashells are decorated with Sharpie Pens or other permanent markers and the snail base is made from air drying clay. If you are new to decorating shells with Sharpies then you will be amazed at how therapeutic this simple activity can be!

One of the best things about this seashell snail craft is how adaptable it is. Paint can be used in place of pens. Salt dough is a great alternative to clay. Or turn it into an activity perfect for toddlers and preschoolers by using playdough!

Seashell & Air Dry Clay Snail Craft

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seashell & air dry clay snail

We love exploring the beach which means that we also have a fantastic collection of lovely shells that our girls have collected over our many trips. Part of the fun with this craft activity is getting outside to hunt for the shells but if you can not easily find shells then they can be bought from a variety of different craft shops.

You Will Need

Listed are the items that we used to complete this seashell snail craft.

How To Make A Seashell Snail

air dry clay snail craft

Start with the shells. Make sure they are all dry and clean. Use Sharpie pens to decorate.

Take off a small section of air dry clay and roll it in your hands. If the clay seems too dry add a little water, you don’t want the clay to be cracking and crumbling as you work! Work the clay until it is soft and easy to mould. Roll the clay into a worm shape and then press a shell onto its back.

Using a very small piece of clay form the snails tentacles. To do this roll a thin worm shape, bend it into a U shape. Add a drop of water onto the top of the snails head and place the tentacle in place. Using your fingers work the clay so the tentacles join onto the top of the snails head. Alternativly make the tentacles individually and attach in the same way to join the pieces of clay together.

Use a fingernail or a toothpick/ sharp object to create a smile on the snails head.

Leave to dry. Sometimes the shell will stay attached to the snail base without glue. If the shell does come loose, that is totally fine, use a hot glue gun or other glue to stick the seashell in place.

Fun Snail Facts

Interested in snails? Check out these fun snail facts!

  • There are three different types of snails, land snail, sea snail and, freshwater snail.
  • The giant African land snail grows to about 38 cm (15 in) and weighs 1 kg (2lb).
  • Scientists have found snail fossils from millions of years ago. In fact, they are one of the oldest-known animal species in the world. 
  • Snails use their sense of smell to find food as they can not see.
  • There are more snails on Earth than insects.

For more fun facts head over to Love To Know.

sharpie snail craft

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seashell and air dry clay snail craft

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this seashell & airdry clay snail craft.

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