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Jigglemawiggles Thrifty Christmas Home Inspiration

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It really doesn’t get any more inspiring than peaking inside Jigglemawiggles Thrifty Home, aka Sharon Young. Sharon has an amazing talent for mixing new with handmade and recycled. Today we get to have a glimpse inside her stunning home that has been styled especially for Christmas.

Get inspired to fill your home with holiday cheer by browsing through her home decorated for Christmas. The homes white base pallet provides the perfect backdrop to mix up the decor throughout the year depending on the season. Gone is the Halloween decor replaced with all things Christmasy. This is so much more than a typical Christmas house, instead, it showcases how to decorate for Christmas in a fresh modern way with a truly vintage feel with a focus on upcycled items. Come with us as we explore her beautiful home.

Jigglemawiggles Thrifty Christmas Home Inspiration


A hallway of sparkle and Christmas cheer that you want to linger in. Black, gold come together with sparkly accents to create this perfect Christmas hallway.

A handmade dowel tree was painted black and a wee knob added to the top. Decorated with pinecone ornaments. The handmade tree sits on a side table that was made with a chopping board top and a pedestal from a mannequin. Sharon chopped off the handle of the chopping board off using a jigsaw, sanded, stained and painted it black. Perfect for her needs and the perfect spot to display her handmade tree.

The Bah Humbug cushion was found for an absolute bargain on Ebay. It was love at first sight with the amazing bench found at a charity shop. Charity shops are the perfect place to find unique items just waiting for a new life.

To keep with the color theme of black and gold this nutcracker which was found in a charity shop had a makeover.  The hair and beard were ripped off his as was the sword. Wee ornate bits n bobs were added to complete the look.

Old candles were transformed using self-adhesive printing paper. To do this simply print your desired pattern and wrap it around old candles. The candlesticks also got a makeover with gold paint. This is a fantastic way to give any home a Christmas feel without spending much money.

The festive JOY sign was made from recycled materials. The letter J was made from an embroidery ring, cardboard, and paper bunting. Letter O was made with some more recycled cardboard and letter Y was made from the base of an old drawer which was then stained.


The kitchen has had some simple Christmas decorating which includes the yellow color pop chalkboard featuring a Christmasy message, a small Christmas tree and lots of Christmas sparkle.

If you are totally in love with the tiles and wondering where Sharon got them from then you may be surprised to find out that they are paper tiles. The designs were printed using Durabrite ink, matte photo paper, and some PVA glue. Once they had dried she went over it all with any kind of clear, non-yellowing varnish. This is a great way to update tiles without having the massive cost of replacing them.

Living Room

This stunning living room/ studio is chocka with all sorts of amazing Christmas decor creations. We love the full-length chalkboard with the message, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and the large 25 number sign. The pop of red and yellow as well as the tiles and the black & white diamond pattern is consistent with the hallway and kitchen which helps them flow seamlessly together.

The merry Christmas sign has been upcycled from a broken Christmas decoration. The recycled letters were glued to a painted piece of wood. Lights were added to give it so extra Christmas sparkle.

This vintage flour tin was found in the bin years ago is now Sharon’s Christmas Cheer tin filled with Christmas Cheer lollipops. The sticker on the front peels off so she can use the tin over the rest of the year.

The metal herb pots have been upcycled with a bit of decoupage and make the perfect pots for mini Christmas trees. These are a bit like making a lampshade cover as it uses the same method. Sharon put a notch on the pot and on the paper her starting point and roll them at an angle and mark where it finishes. 3 years on and these pots are still in great condition!


Even the bathroom gets a touch of Christmas cheer this year with its adorable branch Christmas tree. More Christmas lights have been added to add some warmth to this lovely bathroom.


The Christmas theme continues into the bedroom with the addition of the Christmas tree and Christmas cushions. In the photo below you can see a close-up of the Christmas tree and how it has been decorated with pearls, feathers, and flowers.

A dream house! If you would like to see more of Sharon’s work be sure to visit and like her facebook page, Jigglemawiggles Thrifty Home Adventure. There you can find lots more amazing and inspirational photos and information about her home decorating projects.

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