Painting On Ice Art Activity

Freeze some ice and get painting with this fun for all ages painting on ice art activity. This activity really is as much fun for toddlers as it is for older children! Children will learn about mixing colors and what happens when the ice melts all through fun play. Painting on ice makes a fun change from regular painting on paper. Our girls loved this activity and I am sure your kids will too.

Painting On Ice Art Activity

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painting on ice

A few weeks ago I prepped up this activity, planning on doing it for the Art The Alphabet challenges over on Instagram for letter I week. Instead, I made this fun felt ice cream play mat and our painting on ice art activity was somewhat forgotten. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we are all on lockdown so all of those art and craft activities that we hadn’t had time for before are coming out and being done.

Painting on ice is a fun and simple art activity for all ages. It can be done indoors or outside. Keeping in mind that on a hot day the ice will melt quicker! Our girls loved watching the colors blend together and Miss 5 was fascinated by the ice slowly melting into water.

You Will Need

What To Do

painting on ice

Take your container of ice out of the freezer and gather your paints, brushes, and water. Dilute the paints and start painting! When you have finished painting rinse the watercolor paint off the ice and start painting again.

At first, we painted on the ice straight from the freezer however the paint didn’t really glide over the ice very well. To avoid this wet the ice before you start painting.

Our girls had fun painting and blending the colors together, washing off the paint and then doing it all over again. For such a simple activity Miss 5 and Miss 8 spent a considerable amount of time doing this art activity.

We talked about water and ice. Miss 5 was fascinated by the ice melting so we discussed how ice freezes when the temperature gets below 0 °C (32 °F) and ice turns back into the water above that temperature.

Overall this was a fun activity that both Miss 8 and Miss 5 enjoyed. It kept them busy for about an hour and helped to break up our day in lockdown.

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painting on ice

Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoyed this painting on ice art activity!

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