Popsicle Stick Rocket Craft

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Blast off into space with this fun Popsicle Stick Rocket Craft. This is such a simple and fun popsicle stick craft that crafty kids are sure to love. This craft is easy to adapt to suit the resources you already have at home and is so simple that you don’t even need a printable to help! Some popsicle sticks and paper are all you need to create your own interplanetary craft.

Popsicle Stick Rocket Craft

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R is for Rocket, S is for Space, this Popsicle Stick Rocket Craft is perfect to make for both! Or skip the letters and make this rocket just because it is fun!

We have used both the standard size and mini popsicle sticks to make this rocket craft. If you don’t have the mini popsicle sticks then you can simply cut the standard size popsicle sticks down to size. Already dyed popsicle sticks were used in the tutorial but you can also use natural wood popsicle sticks and paint or decorate them with pens. The addition of the colored paper adds an extra element of fun but again if you don’t have any colored paper, white paper or even decorated newspaper will work well in its place.

Materials Needed

We used one color for the base of the rocket and another for the top triangle of the rocket. If you are wanting to do the same then you will need 3 mini popsicle sticks in one color and the other 2 mini popsicle sticks and the 5 standard size popsicle sticks in another color.

Let’s Get Creative

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under, Materials Needed.

Place the five standard size popsicle sticks together. Use the tacky glue to stick two of the mini popsicle sticks at both ends of the five sticks to hold them all together. If you don’t have the mini-size popsicle sticks you can cut the standard size shorter or get creative and use something else such as a cut-up strip of cardboard from a sturdy box.

Stick the corners of the 3 mini size popsicle sticks together to form a triangle.

From the colored paper cut out two triangles. If you are using origami squares the easiest way to do this is to fold the paper square into a triangle twice and then unfold it. One of the triangles needs to be about the size of the popsicle stick triangle, and the other larger enough so that when it is glued to the rocket base the bottom points stick out from behind. Check that the smaller triangle fits the popsicle stick triangle without any paper overhanging or gaps and then glue on the paper. Next glue the larger triangle onto the back of the rocket base.

Cut out two circles from colored paper. Make sure they fit nicely on the rocket base.

Glue the top triangle onto the rocket base. Next glue the circles onto the base. Finally, draw some people in the circle windows.

To extend this craft further try decorating the popsicle sticks with Sharpies or stick the rockets onto cardstock and paint some planets and stars.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this Popsicle Stick Rocket Craft today!

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