Quick & Easy Cleaning Hack: Glass Shower Door

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A quick & easy cleaning hack: Glass shower door. The oil method is a quick, easy and affordable way to get clean your glass shower door. Not only does this method remove that awful soap scum look but it will help to repel soap scum from forming for about a week!

We recently have bought a new house which we love but unfortunately, the previous owner wasn’t big on cleaning. The glass shower doors were a BIG problem. I cleaned it with regular shower cleaner and then a very expensive abrasive designed to get rid of soap scum. From the photos, you can see that my finished cleaned glass shower door still looked terrible so I decided to try the oil method. Nothing to lose here (apart from some soap scum)! You can see the results below, although not 100% perfect the glass is looking SO much better.

Quick & Easy Cleaning Hack: Glass Shower Door

1. Clean Shower Door

Clean the shower door (and the rest of the shower) with vinegar or your normal shower cleaner. Yes, this is our freshly cleaned door, eek! Once clean dry the glass door that you want to clean.

2. Oil On Cotton Pad

Grab any type of oil you have on hand. Olive oil, vegetable oil, baby oil; it will all work. Apply the oil onto a cotton pad or small cloth.

3. Wipe Oil On Door

Wipe the oil all over the door. This is easiest to do in small sections. Keep topping the cotton pad up with more oil when it dries out.

4. Soft Cloth

Now get a soft cloth and rub off excess oil until door looks clean.

5. Finish

Step back and admire the difference. As you can see this isn’t perfect but it is much better than before the oil clean. Ideally, I would have spent more time on the previous step but Miss 3 had other ideas.





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