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Remodeling: what you can DIY and what to leave for the experts

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A remodel might be just what your home needs to look new again and increase resale value. However, you might want to save costs by going DIY. Or perhaps you’re considering calling a remodeling expert to handle it all.

A remodel can be as little as updating fixtures, dubbing a fresh coat of paint, or something more complex. So your particular remodeling project will determine whether to do it yourself or call a professional. For extensive scale renovations, you can also handle some things yourself and leave the complex aspects for an expert to save cost.

This article highlights remodeling jobs you can handle yourself and the ones to leave for the pros.

Remodeling: what you can DIY and what to leave for the experts

Remodeling: what you can DIY and what to leave for the experts

Remodeling jobs you can handle yourself

1. Cabinet hardware updates

While it may seem minor, updating your cabinetry hardware can incredibly change the look of the space. You can achieve that by changing knobs, pulls, drawers, etc. However, you don’t need a pro for this since you can head to a hardware store, get the items, and replace the old ones.

2. Lighting and other fixtures

While you may be concerned about the lighting being electrical, you often don’t even get to work on any wires. Small fixtures like lighting, towel and clothes racks, and curtain rods can be changed with just a few tools. Such jobs are intuitive — you’ll just know what to do.

3. Painting and wallpaper installation

Remodeling: what you can DIY and what to leave for the experts

There are many resources on how to paint online, and you’ll find it’s something you can do if you put your mind to it. Especially for interior painting, you don’t always need a pro, especially when you aren’t making any complex patterns. However, if you don’t trust your skills, you may consider hiring a painting contractor for your exterior paint since there are usually more factors at play.

Regarding wallpaper installation, it’s something you can do within an hour if you look at an online guide. These are low-risk activities, so nobody suffers any harm even when you make mistakes.

Home remodeling projects that need professional hands

1. Structural works

You don’t want to try demolishing or doing a home addition yourself for two reasons Firstly, errors can be hazardous as they may jeopardize the property. Secondly, structural works usually involve building codes, permits, advanced tools, and practices that you may not know.

2. Plumbing and electrical works

When we say electrical works, it’s not just putting up a bulb or chandelier. Instead, it may be about rerouting electrical lines, mechanical systems, and installing new service locations.

These kinds of projects require an expert. You’ll also need a professional to handle your plumbing during a bathroom remodel, even though you can manage the painting and lighting fixtures yourself. Not getting your plumbing right can lead to hot water and gas issues, which can be risky.

3. Flooring

Remodeling: what you can DIY and what to leave for the experts- flooring

Updating your flooring is a great way to give your interior a facelift. From tiles to vinyl flooring, you’d be better off hiring a contractor to avoid mistakes and delays that come with this complex remodeling project. The materials involved require proper handling, which you may not master with only a few videos.

The bottom line

DIY remodeling is a great way to save costs. However, it’s more cost-effective to hand over complex jobs to experts to avoid mistakes that may be very costly in the end. In addition, you don’t want to waste expensive materials when you don’t execute the job correctly.

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