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Revamped Table Using Sharpies!

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A revamped table using Sharpies! That is exactly what Mary Smits did with an old table that had been used as a craft table while waiting for its revamping. An ingenious idea to transform a table (or any furniture) in a simple and fun way. It really is amazing what huge difference the Sharpie pen art has made to Mary’s upcycled table. Have a look at this amazing table and be inspired to transform your own furniture using Sharpies or other permanent markers.

Revamped Table Using Sharpies!

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We are delighted to be able to show you the work of the very talented Mary Smits today. She has upcycled her amazing table using Sharpie pens as well as painting her chairs in a variety of different colors. The results speak for themselves, a stunning, unique and very welcoming room.

The table was bought 3 years prior to being revamped. A key factor in a successful upcycle is planning and having a clear vision in the final product. The table had been used as her craft table until it was finally revamped and transformed into the amazing dining room table that you see today.

The Process

The table was sanded and lightly stained before the pattern was hand-drawn on using Sharpies. After the Sharpie design was completed a polyurethane clear gloss was applied to the table.

Yes, the amazing design was hand-drawn! This project took Mary approximately 60 hours to complete. If you are not confidant with hand drawing such an intricate design you could consider using a stencil. There are many different stencil designs around so have a search and decide on your design before you begin.

Mary explains that the design happened as she was doing it. She started with the big patterns. A dinner plate was used to get the size and placement and a pencil was used to draw on the designs before going over them with the Sharpies. She drew concentric circles and divided them into 8 pieces with a ruler. Side plates were then used to get the next placement and the next size down were small bowls. Small colored flowers were then placed randomly between the larger patterns.

Looking at the design at this stage Mary wasn’t completely happy so she took some time out to think about what the design was missing. She realized that the background needed filling in. She didn’t use a pencil instead opted to go straight in with pen and made up the patterns as she went!

The top of the table was then sealed using a polyurethane clear gloss coat and the table legs painted to work in with the tabletop design.

This is one amazing table that suits the room that is was designed for! When you are completing your next furniture revamp consider using this method. It takes a long time but the results are well worth it.

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Thank you for stopping by and a big thank you to Mary for letting us show you her amazing work!

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