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Steampunk Trumpet Lamp

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This Steampunk trumpet lamp made from old trumpet parts is a beautiful example of homemade steampunk decor. As well as the old trumpet parts Mel Cavanaugh from Old-Fangled & Chalked By Mel, has used hinges and an ornate piece of wood.

Steampunk decor is a unique decor style that can be defined as the combination of both machinery and elegance. Impressive Interior Design explains that steampunk interior design is a versatile and interesting category that is rarely explained to the general public. Commonly steampunk interiors feature metallic tones, dark wood, leather as well as copper and bronze. Salvaged woods, salvaged machinery, maps and rusted metal all work well when creating steampunk decor.

Mel manages to take old objects and transforms them into stylish new pieces such as this steampunk lamp. Her level of detailing is incredible which is important when creating and pulling off the steampunk style. Today we get to take a closer look at the process involved in creating such a lamp.

Steampunk Trumpet Lamp

steampunk lamp

It is always amazing when items that many people would consider trash are taken combined, remodeled or restored and made into something useful, beautiful and new again. This steampunk lamp made from an old trumpet and other old parts in the perfect example of this.

Starting as an old trumpet, a chunk of wood and ending as a functioning lamp! This lamp was a big project and was painted, wired, decoupaged along with other processes in order to get to the final product.

steampunk trumpet lamp

The Process

Mel started with a wood corbel which she thought looked like an old train. She sanded the corbel then painted and sealed it before adding a base to give the piece some stability.

Along with painting the base of the wood corbel section of the steampunk trumpet lamp includes decoupage. The unpainted wood areas have tea-stained & burned vintage paper decoupaged over them and the gears and other decoration have gone over that.

The accents that were added to the wood corbel were pieces out of old wind up clocks as well as Hobby Lobby gears, hinges, wings, numbers and watch pieces. A framed picture of a girl, as well as the picture of the two women, add a unique twist to the piece which helps to balance the look of the piece. These items were either attached by screws or epoxy.

steampunk lamp base stages

A lamp kit from Lowes was used. To the lower part of the trumpet, a hole was drilled. The PVC pipe was glued inside of the horn to hold the light kit head on.

Through the trumpet, the wire has been snaked through and an on-off switch added. A hole was drilled in the wood where the trumpet was mounted.

Automotive clamps were used for looks and to help support the trumpet. Finally, an Edison bulb was added to the top.

steampunk trumpet lamp process

We have included photos for you to see some of the process involved in creating this amazing steampunk trumpet lamp. One of the great things about an upcycled project like this one is that no two will be the same so it is great to look at other projects before starting to get some inspiration!

More photos along with Mel’s planning can be found over at her Facebook page, Old-Fangled & Chalked By Mel.

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Thank you for stopping by and a big thanks to Mel for creating such amazing work to feature!

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