paper shooting star craft

Flying Paper Shooting Star

Learn how to make a flying paper shooting star. These shooting stars are lots of fun for kids to make and to play with! They can be made using paper from an old magazine, decorated plain paper or fun patterned paper. Great for a variety of different celebrations such as Matariki, New Year, Christmas, or even as a fun birthday party craft. Simply change up your colours if you are making these stars for a special celebration. And the best bit, these stars really do fly!

With our free printable these flying paper shooting stars are simple and fun to make.

Flying Paper Shooting Star

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Get a sheet of paper and have fun decorating it to make yourself a flying paper shooting star. The other option is to make the star from the paper of an old magazine. No matter what you choose it will look amazing flying across the room!

Materials Needed

  • Paper or an old magazine (check that it is ok to use before cutting it up).
  • Pens for decorating the paper and 1 pen to use to trace around the star.
  • The free star printable below.
  • Scissors.
  • Sticky tape.
  • Straw.

The Printable

Click the link below the image to print or save for later use. Keep reading below to get a full description of how to make this fun flying paper shooting star kid’s craft.

Let’s Get Creating

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under, materials needed. Cut out the star shape from the printable. Place the star shape on the piece of paper or magazine sheet of paper and draw around it with a pen. You will need x2 stars cut out. It may be easier to double up the paper and carefully cut the front and back star at the same time or repeat the tracing and cutting.

Decorate the star if you haven’t already done so.

Add a layer of sticky tape to the bottom point join of the star (where the arrow is pointing on the printable) on both cut out stars. This is to give the paper extra strength so it doesn’t quickly tear from inserting the straw.

Use more sticky tape to stick stars together but make sure to leave a gap at the bottom point join to insert a straw. It is easiest to leave the section where the straw is inserted until last. Insert the straw and tape the sides so it is tight but still with enough room to insert the straw with ease.

Bring straw to mouth and give it a big blow. See how far you can make your star travel. Make one with a sibling or friend and make it a challenge to see who can blow their star the furthest.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making this flying paper shooting star craft today!

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