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The Best Tool Storage Ideas for the Budding DIYer

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DIY is a strong skill to foster, and something of a hobby for many to improve upon. In difficult times for the family budget, a sensible approach to home DIY is more important than ever – and you may find yourself picking up tools more often than usual. But how should you store your tools at home?

The Best Tool Storage Ideas for the Budding DIYer

Open Workspace Storage

If you have a garage or shed space spare, these spaces are ripe for transformation into an active working space for your projects or discipline. Building a rudimentary bench is easy enough, and having a dedicated space to work on your skills can pay dividends in the long run.

Having a garage or shed can also enable you to store your tools in a handy and accessible way. By installing sockets and racks above your workbench, you can slot your hand tools in by order and type. Whether screwdrivers, spanners, or chisels, all can be within arm’s reach for quick access or repairs.

You could also use a pegboard or an equivalent vertical storage board to create your own bespoke easy-access storage plan. Hooks can be used to store saws and longer implements, and holsters installed at the bottom for the storage of power tools.

Safe, Secure and Out of Sight

Of course, not every DIYer has the space available to sprawl out their tools and equipment. Indeed, the vast majority of DIYers are casual in nature, performing light repair or refurbishment on their home whenever and wherever necessary.

These DIYers might benefit more from using a tool storage box to keep their most-used tools in. This storage box can be locked if necessary, to protect younger ones from access to the sharper and more dangerous implements, and slid into storage at the foot of a cupboard or even beneath the sink. Access is simple as can be, and tools are kept safe and out of sight – preserving the sanctity of your home.

An Ultra-Organised Cupboard

If you have a little more storage space to play with, you could re-arrange your various home items to free up an entire cupboard – whether a hallway cupboard or airing cupboard in your home. This cupboard could then be used to create a mini ‘tool shop’, for the storage of larger tool kits.

This might feature lots of shelving, in order to host your power tools and specialized equipment. Hand tools and fixtures can be stored together in the higher-up shelves, and over-door hanging storage can be used for smaller, less important items. This way, you can access what you need, when you need it, without having to compromise on space.

Storing and Labelling Spares

Lastly, whether you have a small portion of a cupboard or an entire garage, you will undoubtedly find yourself hoarding various spares – from screws and bolts to drill bits and sockets and even ‘waste’ materials from DIY jobs past. Adopting an involved approach to storing these things can help you in the long run; don’t be afraid to break out the label-maker and Tupperware!

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