Elf on the shelf hiding ideas

The Elf On The Shelf Hiding Ideas

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Do you have a cheeky elf that visits you each Christmas? This year we thought we would get a little more creative with our elf Rosie Rainbow so we have compiled this list of The Elf On The Shelf Hiding Ideas. These 23 ideas are all simple, fun and full of laughs.

Over Christmas a special elf visits and each night he/ she uses its magic to go home to Santa to report on the kid’s behavior, on returning home the elf hides in a new spot. Children love this tradition and the fun that goes into finding their special elf and with a bit of luck the elf encourages children to be on their best behavior!

The Elf On The Shelf Hiding Ideas

1. Festive Faux Lights

Print out and make these faux festive lights for your elf to hang or get creative and make your own. Head over to The Elf On The Shelf to get the printable.

2. Toilet Paper

Hiding in the loo paper is an easy hiding spot that kids will find hilarious. This is a great one to do when you are short on time. Click here to see this post. 

3. Sprinkle Angel

Have that cheeky elf make a sprinkly angel. Source found here. 

4. Minion Bananas

Let your elf get creative with these minion bananas. It might be a good idea to hide the sharpie from your elf! Click here to see Fancy Shanty’s elf ideas.

5. Reminder Note

An elf has lots to remember so sometimes he will need to write a list. Click here to view source. 

6. Elf In A Plant

Keep it simple and pop your elf in a pot plant. This was our middle of the night, what to do quick idea.

7. Baking Time

Get your elf to whip up a batch of baking. Visit The Elf On The Shelf to get this recipe.

8. Ready For A Walk

This cheeky elf is ready to be taken on a walk. A simple and fun elf idea. Click here to see more Elf On The Shelf Ideas Using Toys.

9. Eating Chocolate

It is hard to resist chocolate, this elf knows that too well! Click here to find out more about this chocolate eating elf.

10. Movie & Popcorn

Elves enjoy movies and popcorn too. This elf is watching a movie about himself! A great elf idea to set up for a lazy day at home. See Nicki’s 24 Days Of Elf On The Shelf here. 

11. Christmas Tree Decoration

Oh no, this elf has decided to help decorate the Christmas tree with toilet paper! Source found here. 

12. Circus Elf

A simple elf on the shelf idea to set up which kids will love. Bonus they will get a candy cane to eat the next day! Source found at Busy Kids Happy Mom.

13. Good Deed Cards

Encourage your children to do some good with good deed cards. Over The Big Moon provides a free printable where you can create your own good deeds.

14. Reading Elf

This elf is reading the story of Christmas to the nativity people. You can mix it up by reading any loved book! The idea was found here.

15. Grocery List

This cheeky elf has made a grocery list of her favorite treats. Read more over at Frugal Coupon Living.

16. Dog Walking Elf

It is a hard job being an elf especially with all of the other tasks they need to complete like dog walking! Source found here.

17. Food Messages

Write a message from food. This is a good reminder to be good! Source found here. 

18. Snowballs

Make some snowball pom poms from your elf to the family. Click here to read the full tutorial. 

19. Top Of The Tree

One place an elf is certain to love is the top of the tree, or anywhere in the tree!

20. Attack Of The Lego People

Eek, the lego people have Smarty the elf! See Smarty’s other adventures here. 

21. Stuck Elf

Help I’m stuck in the undies! Nothing is quite as funny as a little toilet humor. Source found here.

22. Gingerbread House

This elf loves a great joke! A great set up to do with older children. Source found here. 

23. Ziplining

Elves just love to have fun! This ziplining elf takes a little to set up but kids are sure to love it. Head over to Carey Pace to find more fun elf ideas.


24. Reindeer Food

Say goodbye to your elf on a positive note. On his last night to visit let him bring some magical reindeer food to sprinkle on the grass on Christmas Eve. Click here to find out more. 


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