crafty days in april

Crafty Days In April

Have some fun with these crafty days in April! There are so many great days that you can make crafts to celebrate! These days aren’t specifically about crafts rather the important and fun celebrated days of April that can be used for crafting inspiration. We love days that are dedicated to special holidays and events that we can make crafts and fun activities for. Some of the other days that we are really looking forward to include, Easter and Earth Day.

Making crafts with children gives the opportunity to talk about the special day, and adults to reflect on why the day is important. Or maybe it is just a day for celebrating something fun either way we don’t really need much of an excuse to have some crafty fun!

Crafty Days In April

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Crafty Days In April

All Month

Garden Month

Get in the garden this April to celebrate Garden Month. If gardening isn’t your thing then consider outdoor crafts that can give your garden some wow factor. Learn How to Decorate Your Garden for Each Season or How To Build Your Own Vertical Garden for a fun way to change up your garden this month.

Poetry Month

Time to get out the pen and paper to create your own poetry. If you don’t know where to start, why not try reading some poetry first.

Kite Month

Make a kite and then get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and to fly your kite for Kite Month. Have a look at 5 DIY Kites Kids Will Love To Fly and 6 Fun Kids Kite Crafts for lots of kite fun.




The date of Easter changes from year to year. It is always observed on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25 with Good Friday being the Friday before and Easter Monday the day following. Clearly, Easter isn’t an entire week but due to the moving dates, we thought it deserves a special mention.  We have a range of fun Easter crafts and activities which can be found by clicking here.

National Library Week

Libraries are places where communities connect so it is a great week to enjoy the library and to give thanks to our librarians. Visit your local library and endulge in some books. If you are lucky your library might have something special on to celebrate this week. National Library Week changes week each year.


1 April- April Fools Day

A day to have fun and to do tricks on family and friends. These tricks can be as simple as you like. Some ideas include making jelly and pouring into a glass along with a straw to give as a drink over breakfast or a simple fake spider on a chair.

2 April- Children’s Picture Book Day

A great day to snuggle up and get reading and of course to make some crafts related to the books you read!

3 April- World Party Day

If you need a reason to party then it doesn’t get much better than World Party Day!

8 April-

Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day

Learn how to draw a bird here. Or try our Pastel Bird Drawing/ Coloring Activity to celebrate this fun day.

Zoo Lovers Day

Have a trip to the zoo for Zoo Lovers Day or make one of the many animal crafts featured on diyThought. We really love the Newspaper Lion Craft and the Torn Paper Tiger Bookmark.

9 April- Unicorn Day

unicorn day

There aren’t many children (or adults) who don’t love the mythical unicorn. Today take time out to celebrate how magical and fun the unicorn is. Have a look at our unicorn crafts or create your own.

10 April- Farm Animal Day

Make some farm animal crafts for Farm Animal Day. This Newspaper Cow Craft is lots of fun!

11 April-

Pet Day

A day to focus on your pets. If you have a dog, take it for a walk. Do they have a favorite food or game that they enjoy? Make a card for your pet or a craft based on your pet or the pet you would love to have. This Newspaper Stuffed Fish Craft is great for fish lovers.

National Submarine Day

Submarines are very interesting! Have a look at this Submarine Coloring Book for lots of coloring fun!

13 April- International Plant Appriciation Day

Take a trip to your local gardens of go for a walk around your neighbourhood to observe all of the different plants. Have a hike through your a forest or bush and see how different the plants are here compared to around your home. Learn how to garden or make a fairy garden.

14 April- Dolphin Day

dolphin day

Dolphins are one of the most loved ocean creatures and today is the day to celebrate them. Make a DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat or read a book to learn more about the fascinating dolphin.

15 April- World Art Day

Visit an art museum or gallery to learn about some amazing artists. Bring it home by creating your own art! Why not try watercolor painting with the help of this Beginners Watercolor Painting Guide you are sure to paint an amazing work of art!

17 April- Bat Appreciation Day

Appreciate bats on this special day. This Bat Rainbow Magic Scratch Art looks like fun or make your own DIY scratch art following our Star Scratch Art tutorial.

22 April- Earth Day

earth day

Celebrate the Earth on Earth Day. Learn ways to help look after the earth or learn more about the earth in general. Take a walk and collect rubbish or find inspiration is one of the below,

23 April- World Book and Copyright Day

Discover a new book or read your old favorites. Try making a craft related to a book that you love. We made these Black Glue Watercolor Monsters based on a couple of our favorite monster books.

24 April- World Penguin Day

Penguin crafts are always lots of fun to make! For World Penguin Day you can make a fun craft and learn more about the facinating penguin.

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