Things You Should Not Move By Yourself

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In Maryland, a state known for its scenic waterways and bustling urban centers, moving homes can be a common occurrence, whether it’s transitioning to a waterfront property in Annapolis or relocating to a historic brownstone in Baltimore. However, when it comes to moving, certain items present significant challenges that go beyond the capabilities of even the most enthusiastic DIY mover. From bulky furniture to delicate appliances, understanding what should not be moved by oneself is crucial to prevent damage to the item and injury to the mover. This guide will delve into various items that are best left to professionals, ensuring your move is as smooth and safe as possible.

Things You Should Not Move By Yourself

  1. Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture is one of the most daunting tasks during a move, and it poses significant risks of injury due to its size and weight. Items like large sofas, wardrobes, and full king-sized beds can be cumbersome and difficult to maneuver through narrow hallways and down staircases. Without the proper equipment and techniques, attempting to move these items can lead to back strains, scratches on the furniture, or even damage to the home’s interior. It’s advisable to either hire professional movers or at least use furniture sliders and moving straps if you must attempt it yourself.

  1. Appliances

Appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washers, and dryers are not only heavy but also intricately connected to the home’s systems like water and power. Moving these appliances requires careful planning and handling to avoid damaging the appliance or the infrastructure of the home. For instance, refrigerators need to be defrosted and properly disconnected, while washing machines have to be secured to prevent drum damage. If you’re a resident of Maryland, hiring expert Maryland Movers can ensure that these appliances are handled with care and expertise, reducing the risk of costly damages and ensuring they are set up correctly in your new home.

  1. Pianos

Pianos, especially grand and upright models, are not only extremely heavy but also contain delicate internal mechanics that can be easily damaged if the piano is not moved correctly. The weight distribution in a piano is uneven, and its external and internal components are susceptible to shock and vibration. Special equipment, such as piano dollies and protective padding, is essential, along with knowledge of how to navigate tight spaces safely. Professional movers who specialize in pianos are often required to ensure that this valuable and sentimental item reaches its new location in perfect playing condition.

  1. Artwork and Antiques

Artworks and antiques require special attention during a move due to their fragility and often irreplaceable nature. Paintings, sculptures, and antique furniture may not only be delicate but can also have irregular shapes that make packing and transporting particularly challenging. Professional movers can provide custom crating solutions, climate-controlled environments, and insurance to protect these valuables. They understand the importance of securing artworks with the right padding and placement, minimizing the risk of any damage during transit.

  1. Exercise Equipment

Home gyms have become increasingly popular, but when it comes time to move, heavy and complex exercise equipment can pose a significant challenge. Items like treadmills, elliptical machines, and weightlifting rigs are not only heavy but often require disassembly before being moved. Improper handling can lead to damage to the equipment or the mover’s health. Professional movers can dismantle, transport, and reassemble these pieces efficiently and safely, ensuring that your home gym is ready to use in your new space without any hassle.

  1. Pool Tables

Pool tables are particularly tricky to move due to their extraordinary weight and the precision required in reassembling them. The slate bed under the felt is extremely heavy and can easily be damaged if not handled correctly. Moreover, improper assembly can result in an uneven playing surface. Professional movers who specialize in pool tables have the necessary equipment and expertise to disassemble, transport, and reassemble pool tables correctly, ensuring that the playing surface remains level and undamaged in the process.

  1. Large Outdoor Equipment

Items like hot tubs, large outdoor grills, and garden sheds require special attention during a move. These items are not only heavy but also awkwardly shaped, making them difficult to transport without the right tools and strategies. Moving large outdoor equipment often involves dismantling the items, proper packing to avoid damage, and heavy lifting equipment. Professional movers can handle these tasks efficiently, using their experience and specialized equipment to ensure safe and secure transportation.

  1. Hazardous Materials

Certain items in your home, such as paint cans, solvents, and gas cylinders, are considered hazardous materials and come with specific regulations regarding their transportation. These items pose significant safety risks, including fires or chemical spills, if not handled properly. Professional movers are trained to deal with hazardous materials according to legal and safety guidelines, ensuring that these dangerous items are transported without risking health or environmental safety.

  1. Electronics and IT Equipment

Sensitive electronics and IT equipment such as computers, servers, and home entertainment systems require careful handling due to their vulnerability to static, shock, and temperature changes. Moving such equipment involves not only physical handling but also proper packing and climate control to prevent data loss and hardware damage. Professional movers can provide the necessary packing materials and conditions to protect electronics during a move, offering peace of mind that your valuable technology is safeguarded.

  1. Personal Documents and Valuables

Although physically easy to move, personal documents, jewelry, and other high-value items such as collections or heirlooms should be moved with caution due to their irreplaceable nature and risk of theft. It’s advisable to personally transport such items or use secure moving services that specialize in handling valuable goods. These services often offer enhanced security measures and insurance to protect your most precious belongings during transit.


Moving involves numerous challenges that vary greatly depending on the items involved. While many household items can be moved with some basic preparations and a bit of heavy lifting, the items discussed above warrant special consideration and professional handling. Hiring professional movers not only alleviates the physical strain associated with a move but also ensures that your most valuable and bulky possessions are transported safely and efficiently. Ultimately, the success of your move depends significantly on how well you prepare and who you trust with your belongings.

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