Toilet Paper Roll Toadstools

If you are looking for a super easy craft to do with your kids then this is for you! With toilet rolls (or other cardboard rolls), cardstock and sticky dots you can create these adorable toilet paper roll toadstools.

The other day our two girls (5 and 7) came to show us their craft creations that they had been busy making. I had wondered why they were so quiet while we were getting ready to visit Nana and this craft explained it! The toilet paper toll toadstools that the girls created used white cardstock which they had colored red which is a great alternative if you don’t have red cardstock. The version we made today is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers (with help from an adult) as young kids can stick on the dots which is great for their fine motor skills.

toilet roll toadstool craft

You could get tricky and snip a slit in the cardstock to create a cone shape but we wanted to keep it really simple so have gone with flat circles. The girls have now cut little doors into the bottom of the toilet paper roll toadstools so their LOL Lil Sisters now have toadstool houses! Modify this craft to suit your family and the crafting supplies you have on hand.

Toilet Paper Roll Toadstools

toilet roll tube toadstools

You Will Need

How To Make Your Toilet Paper Roll Toadstools

how to make a toilet paper roll toadstool

On your red cardstock trace around your round object. This will be the top of your toadstool so you will want the circle to be a fair bit larger than the toilet roll. Cut out.

Get the white sticky dots and stick on the top side of the cardstock. You can get creative here, use fun stickers for example. Our girls originally created the tops of the toadstools using felt pens so don’t feel like you need to rush out and buy supplies, be creative and use what you have at home.

Cut the toilet paper roll to the length that best suits your toadstool top. We made a few toadstools and had them at different heights but if you are making just one then you might not want to shorten the toilet roll at all.

Put the toadstool top face down and place the toilet roll in the center. Glue around the edge of the toilet roll then lift up and drag the glue inward slightly before putting back in place.

toilet paper roll toadstools

Toadstool Coloring Books

If you enjoyed this craft chances are you will love these toadstool coloring books for both children and adults.

Totally Toadstools- Adult Coloring Book.

Dreamlings: A magical coloring book.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Whimsical Coloring Book for Adults and Kids.

DIY toilet paper roll toadstools

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