When thinking about what to lay in their kitchen Matt and Amy came up with a fantastic idea inspired by what Amy had researched online. She saw a bunch of penny floor projects in the USA, it seemed a really popular way of creating a bespoke retro floor for any part of the house, but wasn’t done in the UK. Challenge accepted!

They took 27,000 1p coins and decided to give our kitchen diner a new look. Each coin was individually glued to the floor which had been self levelled before hand and left to dry. After gluing down all the coins a black grout was applied to fill the gaps followed by a high gloss epoxy resin to cover and seal.

The end result is simply awesome. The floor looks stunning and the weeks of hard work has been worth the pain.


  1. […] DIY Thought – 27,000 pennies have never looked so good, right? This penny floor is so reflective and shiny, it almost looks like it’s submerged under crystal-clear water. The clever scattering of the pennies also helps this kitchen floor to look gorgeously golden, with just the odd dark penny here and there. […]


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