10 Simple To Sew Summer Dresses

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Find your perfect summer dress with these 10 simple to sew summer dresses. Not only are they simple to sew but all of these dresses are stunning! Perfect for brunching, the beach, a day out with friends or a fabulous date. You will be wanting to whip up more than one of these beauties.

10 Simple To Sew Summer Dresses

1. Striped Dress

Stripes always look so stylish. This fabulous tutorial explains how to make this simple pattern from a tank and give lots of helpful advice for sewing stripes.

2. Drawstring-Waist Box Dress

This comfy dress is perfect for everyday wear. This dress couldn’t get any better for all of those super hot days! Follow this link to find the full tutorial. 

3. The “Housewife” Summer Dress


Turn heads in this beautiful dress that won’t make you look like the typical housewife. This dress is very easy to make and once the fabric is prepared it can be sewn in 30 minutes.  Click here to get the pattern and tutorial. 

4. Skirt Dress

This dress can be worn as a dress or a skirt and is made from a round tablecloth. If you are looking for super simple then this is the dress for you! Follow this link to find out more. 

5. Lemon Print Dress

This fantastic tutorial explains how to make this dress and stamp it with lemons. This dress is even suitable for breastfeeding mommas with the zip front!

6. Sheer High Low Dress

This beautiful sheer high low dress is perfect for all of those warm evening dates. Another simple to sew but ultra glam dress. Follow this link to find out more.

7. The Infinity Dress

The infinity dress is one dress that can be worn numerous ways. These dresses can be made to look casual or dressy so suit all occasions. Follow this link to find out more. 

8. Easy Knit Summer Sundress

This sundress is effortlessly cool and SO simple to sew. It couldn’t get much easier than this dress so it is a must for all beginner sewers. Follow this link to view the full tutorial. 

9. One-Hundred Foot Journey Sundress

Inspired by the movie The One-Hundred Foot Journey. This dress is a flattering cut for many. Click here to find out more. 

10. Diy Boho Kimono Dress

A great dress if you like to keep your arms covered. Extend the length of the dress for the perfect evening summer kimono. Get the tutorial here. 


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