11 Adorable DIY Sock Toys

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11 Adorable DIY Sock Toys tutorials that are fun for both kids and adults to make. We have searched and found 11 of the most adorable and fun to make sock toys around! From monkeys to sheep and snakes you are sure to find a sock toy that you love in this round-up.

Do you have a pile of odd socks in your house just waiting for their other sock pair to magically show up? I am guessing yes but if the answer is no please let me know how you keep the sock eating monster away! Why not put those socks to use and make adorable toys from them!

11 Adorable DIY Sock Toys

1. Sock Penguin


This little guy couldn’t be any more adorable! He would make the perfect gift for any penguin loving person. Find the sock penguin tutorial over at Imagine Our Life.

2. Giraffe Sock Puppet


Here is a fun idea for a sock puppet sure to keep the little ones happy. This giraffe is easy enough to make that your child could even help or maybe make it entirely on their own! More information found here.

3. Sock Sheep


I NEED a whole flock of these incredibly cute sheep. The full directions can be found at Craft Passion.

4. Do You Want To Build A Snowman?


This Olaf DIY sock toy will bring a smile to every Frozen fan’s faces. One Creative Mommy had these at her daughters birthday as a make your own Olaf activity which is such a fun idea or you could simply save this idea for a one on one fun rainy day craft.

5. Totoro


An adorable Totoro just like in the 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film My Neighbor Totoro. These look fairly simple and fun to make. Click here for the step by step instructions.

6. DIY Sock Hobby Horse


There is no need to buy a hobby horse when you could make one! Such a fun toy that has been made from a sock. This is sure to be treasured for a long time. Follow this link for the tutorial.

7. It’s A Socktopus


No this isn’t an octopus, it’s a SOCKTOPUS! Just hearing the name socktopus brings a smile to my face. For your socktopus you will need two socks but he will be worth it! To find out more head over to Hot DIY Tutorial.

8. DIY Sock Monsters


Did these adorable DIY sock monsters eat all of our missing socks? These DIY sock monsters are extra adorable as they have a little front pocket to store special treats. Simple enough to make a whole monster family. More information found here.

9. Baby Sock Monkey


Aw such a little cutie. A baby sock monkey is a little more difficult to make than a big sock monkey due to its tiny size but so much cuter! Detailed tutorial found here.

10. Mommy or Daddy Sock Monkey


Does your baby sock monkey need a Mommy or Daddy? If so Craft Passion has the ideal pattern for you.

11. Mismatched Sock Snake


If you have a pile of odd socks this snake will put them to good use and they don’t even need to be the same size! This is also a lovely idea for outgrown socks as a keepsake toy. Click here for the full tutorial.

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