DIY Squishy Balloon & Playdough Stress Balls

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These DIY Squishy Balloon & Playdough Stress Balls are great fun for kids to make and to play with. All you need to make your own stress ball is some old playdough (or fresh is fine) and a couple of balloons! We used balloons with faces but the same look can be achieved using a permanent marker. The results will wow the kids, their very own squishy stress ball!

Not only are they fun to make but they are beneficial for relieving built up stress and tension, you can read more about that here. Yes, they great for kids but let’s face it parents and adults, in general, might also benefit from having their own DIY squishy balloon & playdough stress ball!

DIY Squishy Balloon & Playdough Stress Balls

You Will Need:


Stretch open the first balloon and fill with play dough. Younger children will need help with this step. It is easiest for the adult to stretch open the balloon while the child fills it will small balls of playdough. Keep adding playdough to completely fill the balloon. Once full knot the end.

Cut small holes into the second balloon including cutting off the end of the balloon where it is usually blown up from. Stretch the second balloon over the first play dough filled balloon so the color shows through the holes and making sure to cover up the knot from the first balloon. Make sure the smile can be seen if there was one printed on the first balloon.

If your squishy stress ball doesn’t already have a face, now is the time to add one. Grab a sharpie or other permanent marker and design your own fun smiley face.

Click here to find out how to turn your stress ball into a fun yo-yo! 



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